Tuesday’s Bee: The Bee List Is Bountiful. Divorces Spike. Make Today Your B*tch

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Happy Tuesday! In case you missed it, our latest Bee List, featuring delicious products made by Hamptons entrepreneurs, is in the current issue of East Hampton Star’s EAST magazine, pictured above…and we have to say, we’re getting hungry (and thirsty) just looking at it. The theme is “bounty.” Because if there is one thing we excel at in the Hamptons, it’s eating and drinking. Foodies, you’re welcome.

True fact: This month’s list includes several nibbles we discovered by tramping around East End farmers markets (which if you’re not in the loop about those, here’s a handy list). Among them:

…and then there’s The Good Farm Delivery service, run by Megan Schmidt, which will deliver most of this stuff to your door. So take a peek at the Bee List. As always, we’re pleased to bring extra attention to local indie businesses…and drop us a line at editor@thehamptonbee.com if you have future Bee List suggestions.

Did someone say divorce?

Ah. Turns out summer vacation with your significant other if you’re on the rocks is NOT a good idea. Who knew. According to Bloomberg News, divorce filings tend to spike in August (a popular month for vacation). One explanation, apparently, is the “broken promises” theory. Vacations and holidays make people optimistic, thinking they can salvage their relationships. “But after spending lots of time with spouses, or after the usual stresses and strains of holidays, people find themselves more unhappy than before their vacations began,” according to the article. Translation: Total downer, especially if you just spent $50k on a Hamptons beach house rental.

I’ll take a sand mandala, shaken not stirred

Quite unfortunately, we’re not into yoga. Just not our thing, whatevs. All the chanting and spiritual stuff, plus the bare feet — give us a dirty martini instead, any day. But if we were into yoga, we’d totally get pumped — perhaps we’d order an extra shot of wheatgrass in our green smoothie — for the 2nd Annual Hamptons Yoga Fest. It’s coming up this weekend, at the Hayground School in Bridgehampton, and you should totally go to it. Details here.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“Take a breath and make Monday your bitch.” —  FIN Montauk, maker of shark-tooth jewelry in Montauk, in this eloquent post on Instagram. Same thought applies to Tuesday, or really any day of the week.

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