This Is What Happens When You Eat. Real. Food

So apparently this is the end result when you skip the processed food and eat common-sense whole food meals — you get all this glowy skin and glossy hair (see above photo). Note to self: Must try more of this.

The hair and skin belong to Kiley DeMarco, founder of wellness site One Healthy Hamptons in Sag Habor, who this month is celebrating two years in business by launching a new one-on-one personal nutrition practice. If you are in desperate need of a pantry makeover (and who isn’t) or if you need expert advice on how to make a smoothie, then DeMarco is your go-to gal. If you’re truly a mess, she also has a background as a social worker. Either way, you probably come out ahead.

DeMarco is a certified nutritionist and her speciality is working with women and families. What does she advise, in terms of diet? “Really manageable doable things for everyone, and making it about balance, not restriction,” she says. Phew. We were hoping she wasn’t going to say the paleo diet — we can’t wrap our heads around that whole hunter/gatherer thing.

DeMarco is offering a variety of nutrition-related services, and she’ll come to your house if you like. Four sessions run $335, for example, while a “summer bundle” of 10 sessions is $699. The aforementioned pantry makeover and smoothie workshops (we were serious about those) are $150 an hour.  View the list here or contact

One more thing: DeMarco is also the founder of the semi-regular Hamptons Wellness Week with Bridgehampton’s Anastasia Gavalas. It’s sort of like Restaurant Week, except it’s for health and wellness businesses. The next one is scheduled for June 13-20. Look for us — we’ll be the ones with the dewy skin.

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