The Hampton Bee is on Maternity Leave

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We know — you’ve come to love these daily updates about the business scene in the Hamptons, correct? (We can only hope, in our own delusional way, that that’s the case.) But it’s time for the Bee to take a short break. Somebody’s got to have the next generation of taxpayers, people. And Hampton Bee founder Colleen DeBaise, pictured above, is delivering two more Hamptons residents this week!

In the grand tradition of many U.S. companies, the Bee is generously granting unpaid maternity leave to its founder for the rest of the summer. *Sigh – guess it’s too late to move to Scandinavia, where women get paid maternity leave for 18 years or some such. (It makes even hard-core capitalists like ourselves crave, ever so slightly, for good socialist policies.)

We’ll be back, as soon as humanly possible….but probably not till September. Businesses in the Hamptons will need a little love, come Tumbleweed Tuesday, so perhaps the twins’ timing couldn’t be more perfect. Meanwhile, we may occasionally update the site with guest contributions like this one. If you’ve got a contribution, email us at

Until we meet again, enjoy the summer!

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  1. Good luck — and welcome to parenthood! It is THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF THEM ALL.


  2. thehamptonbee | July 11, 2015 at 2:43 pm | Reply

    Thank you Jim!

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