Newborn Twins Patronize Small Business in the Hamptons

IMG_2671As reported, the Hampton Bee is officially on maternity leave. That said, it’s never too soon to get the youngest generation (specifically, newborn twins) accustomed to the idea of “shopping small.”

While getting out of the house these days is something akin to a military operation, the Bee took a stroll Tuesday down Newtown Lane in East Hampton, stopping at favorite coffee shop Mary’s Marvelous, founded by Mary Schoenlein in 2002. Now sure, we like Starbucks — nothing wrong with a jolt from a venti caramel macchiato, every now and again — but something tells us that a massive, global chain that’s publicly traded with a market cap of $82 billion probably needs our support less than a locally owned small business.

The twins aren’t ready for Mary’s signature smoothies yet — but mama did enjoy Mary’s coffee and a blueberry muffin, plus a chat with Mary’s husband Pat McKibbin. That’s another fringe benefit of patronizing small businesses: You often get to speak with the people running the show. McKibbin helps manage Mary’s adjacent retail space, currently selling Bulgarian pottery line Bulgar. See our related story about Bulgar here.

McKibbin offered his congratulations and declared his new customers the “smallest humans” he’d ever seen. Would we have gotten so much love if we had stopped at the Starbucks on Main Street? Let’s just say it’s doubtful Howard Schultz would have been there to greet us.

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  1. Helen Guittard | July 16, 2015 at 8:47 pm | Reply

    What a wonderful endorsement for a charming place.
    Love the photos!

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