Meet Me at the Jitney Stop. And Bring the Rosé


Here at the Hampton Bee, we like to celebrate businesses that do something innovative — and this isn’t just clever, it’s downright brilliant. (Disclaimer: Our love of wine may be influencing our clarity here.) Wainscott Main Wine & Spirits in Wainscott has started an “on demand” free delivery service for the summer season, from the Southampton Jitney stop to the Montauk train station, and all points in between. Can we get a “cin cin”?

So here’s how it works. Say, you’re an average citiot (we use that term fondly) planning to embark on the Jitney or LIRR on Friday nights, leaving Manhattan behind for the sweet ocean breezes of the Hamptons. You’ll need wine for the weekend, correct? No problem. Head to Wainscott Main’s website, where you can order a half-case or more, allowing a sommelier to hand-pick a delightfully boozy assortment. And then — alert Wainscott Main as to where you’ll be getting off the Jitney or LIRR. They’ll come to you, with wine in tow and presumably a cheerful “Welcome to the Hamptons” greeting. As we noted, brilliant.


Chimene Macnaughton, who is general manager of Wainscott Main, used to work in the San Francisco hospitality industry and says the idea is inspired from concierge services there. She and owner Joel Kaye opened Wainscott Main just last year.  “We’re a new shop and we’re trying to raise the bar with service at every opportunity,” she says. The delivery service is also a way to compete against alcohol-delivery apps like Minibar and Drizly, which many city dwellers already use (and which charge a delivery fee, she notes). The apps are to Hamptons wine shops like Uber is to local taxi services. Everyone is “grumpy about it,” she says. “We wanted to put our own spin on it.

Check out Wainscott Main’s site for more details. The store specializes in rosé wines. (Macnaughton’s current favorite? An $18 bottle from Lebanon, which is like a typical Provençal rosé except “it shows more structure and minerality,” she says. “If this wine was from France it would probably be double the price.”) The service starts this coming weekend, May 29. Delivery is free. Packages come with fun names, like “The Singleton” for six bottles or “The Head Case” for a full dozen.

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