Daily Bee: Our Field Trip to Bonac Buy and Sell

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Happy Monday! Over the weekend we stopped by Sanford and Son — oops, we mean Bonac Buy and Sell, the new salvage shop in Springs — and in a word, it is awesome.

Part of what makes the new business, run by Morgan Roman and George Miller, such a delight is the terrifying journey to get there. Many establishments try (and fail) to create a “transformative experience” for customers. Much like the Apple store, Bonac Buy and Sell definitely succeeds.  If the shocks on your car make it down the pothole-strewn dirt road to 8 Washington Ave, in the shadows of the Bistrian gravel pit, you’ll likely need waterproof boots to get you to the door.  We’re not kidding. Here’s the exterior:

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So yeah, this ain’t the fancy Hamptons, b*tch. Although…it kinda is. Once inside Bonac Buy and Sell, we spotted croquet sets, jute rugs and even a vintage Sotheby’s auction book on Chinese ceramics. We chatted with the folks there about how business, open Friday thru Sunday, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., is going. “We need someone to help us,” they said — which is a good indication that the concept has taken off.

Roman and Miller do clean-outs during the week, basically taking away discarded items from estates, yard sales or even your garage (read the East Hampton Star’s terrific page-one profile here for more details). They haul for free, within reason, as long as they can re-sell the merchandise. On our visit, we spotted tons of larger items — a poker table, bar stools, sliding glass doors, even a giant bath tub — that would surely be someone’s treasure. Attention bootstrapping business owners: Need furniture for your new place? Check out Bonac Buy and Sell’s inventory before plopping down coin elsewhere.

One last thing: Bonac Buy and Sell is pretty eco-conscious. “We’re just trying to keep stuff out of landfills,” they told us. Amen to that.

In other “pressing” matters…

Our caffeine suppliers at Hampton Coffee Company got a nice mention in the New York Times over the weekend, in this article: Coffeehouses Where the Brew Is as Crucial as the Bean. Apparently, how one brews a streaming cup of joe is just as important as the bean itself. Owner Jason Belkin installed a “pour-over” bar at the Southampton location in 2013, so that customers could choose a brew option — like French Press, AeroPress and Chemex — and enjoy the full coffee experience (that’s part of that “transformative” thing we mentioned earlier in this dispatch). The instant coffee we are drinking right now — made by a brand that rhymes with tar ducks — suddenly seems pretty sad.

Shiny, new and organic

After a few fits and starts, Provisions Natural Foods in Sag Harbor finally re-opened today. Here’s our earlier piece on Provisions’ renovation odyssey, and here’s a shot of the sparking new interior. We look forward to getting our granola fix on.

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