Daily Bee: The Blue Bee List Is Here. Plus, It’s Too Damn Hot. And New Eateries


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Happy Monday! Our Bee List, featuring cool products made by Hamptons entrepreneurs, is back. Pick up the latest issue of EAST — the East Hampton Star’s magazine — and delight in the Bee List’s soothing blue colors (pictured above). That’s right…these aren’t just any products made by Hamptons entrepreneurs, these are BLUE products. Because, blue. It’s the color of the ocean, the sky and the blueberry pancakes you wish you were eating right now.

This month’s list includes several businesses we’ve featured on the Hampton Bee in the past year, including Brittany Torres’ Hamptons Handpoured (we’re fans of her village-scented candles), Marley and Lennon Ficalora’s Wampum and Eve Behar’s Celadon Clay Art Galleryplus some new ones, like Helen Feid’s Tideline Tunics and Meagan Ouderkirk and Antonia DiPaolo’s Hedge. As always, we’re pleased to bring extra attention to local indie businesses (drop us a line at editor@thehamptonbee.com if you have Bee List suggestions). Keep up the good work, all. Maybe you can take a vacation, come September.

How bout turning off that lawn sprinkler?

The only other news today, a slow Monday, is that it may actually rain — which we’d really appreciate, thank you very much. There have been moderate drought conditions on Long Island, according to the USDA. (See this handy map.) All we know is that there were a lot of hot sweaty people in the Hamptons this weekend, at the annual Family Fair at the Children’s Museum of the East End (which we attended and were happy to find this Lite-Brite exhibit, in a lovely air-conditioned space). There were also sweaty people at Sag Harbor’s Book Brigade and sweaty-but-beautiful people at Wolffer’s Chefs & Champagne event. And while we’re at it, sweaty-but-beautiful exes Gwyneth Paltrow (a partner at Tracy Anderson studio in East Hampton)  and Chris Martin were at the beach over the weekend. We’ll write the rest of this dispatch while doing a rain dance.

Did someone say revolving door?

Apparently, it’s hard to run a restaurant…well, anywhere, but especially in the Hamptons. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on this issue, spotlighting a slew of new eateries: Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s place at Topping in Bridgehampton, plus Arbor in Montauk and Union Cantina and Jue Lan Club, both in Southampton. Real estate is expensive, the peak season is super-short, and you (apparently) need to have celebrities there. “If Kim Kardashian is in the room, they’ll eat the [table] linen,” says Dennis Turcinovic, who helped run Delmonico’s now-closed Southampton location. We suggest that none of the new eateries serve table linen.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“How do you stay cool during this heat?” — Goodale Farms, the family-run farm out of Riverhead, posting this photo to Facebook of one of its porkers attempting to cool down. Looks like a fine idea to us.

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