Daily Bee: Summer Is Here. Lemonade Stands, Asado in the Fields and National Yoga Day


Photo credit: Frank Guittard

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Happy Tuesday! We’ve been saying that it’s summer for weeks, but now (as of yesterday) it’s officially summer. There are approximately 17 hours of light each day, a marked improvement over December. There’s also a full strawberry moon, because it’s the beginning of strawberry season, naturally. And of course, there are lemonade stands staffed by young entrepreneurs…like this one (above) that we spotted while biking to Louse Point over the weekend. (Hopefully the same fate that befell Jerry Seinfeld’s kid last year won’t befall them…)

Did someone say elephant skull?

Over the weekend, there was an art opening at East Hampton’s Guild Hall of Peter Beard’s photography exhibit, “Last Word From Paradise,” which runs though July 31 and features photos and collages from Beard’s time in Africa and Montauk. Town and Country calls the globe-trotting Beard, who dated Cheryl Tiegs and taught photography to Jackie O, “the most interesting man in the world.” And you’ll soon be seeing more of him: He’s the cover boy on the debut issue of East magazine, in the East Hampton Star’s newspaper this Thursday. Stop by and see the show; it contains images of Beard’s early days with Studio 54 types in Montauk. We still can’t get over that this woman, here pictured in 1976 with an elephant skull, is now married to Rupert Murdoch.

Forget the fresh healthy produce, I’ll just have the meat

What will these crazy CSAs think of next. Amber Waves Farm of Amangasett, which already hosts a series of creative events (famed breadmaker Carissa Waechter of Carissa’s Breads taught a workshop there last weekend) is planning an “an asado in the field” this coming Saturday. The family-style feast will feature “beef from local Mecox Bay Dairy along with plenty of other delicious dishes straight from Amber Waves’s fields and other friends of the farm,” Amber Waves says. “To wash it all down, we’ll be pouring wines from Channing Daughters Winery and brews from Montauk Brewing Company.” There we go. The days of hippies joining CSAs are officially over.  How do we sign up? Details here.

Hey, girl. Namaste!

Apparently, it is National Yoga Day. So get your downward-dog freak on. JuJa Active, the fitness apparel shop with locations in Southampton and East Hampton, is celebrating the occasion by offering free shipping on all website orders. Smart. Meanwhile, if you see mass meditation, just say “Oh, it’s National Yoga Day” and move along.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“Support your local farmer…or farm dog,” Balsam Farms, the Amagansett CSA and produce stand, posting this adorable photo to Instagram. Woof.

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