Daily Bee: Osteria Salina Opens May 18. Gifts for Mom. And Don’t Weed the Dandelions

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Well, this is exciting news, for those who love big meatballs, charred octopus and linguine pescatoreOsteria Salina, which has been making its Sicilian cuisine for the past 3 years on School Street in Bridgehampton, is opening in the old Georgica location (pictured above) on May 18.

The restaurant will serve its last meal on School Street this coming Sunday, Mother’s Day — then it will shut down Monday, pack everything up, and start moving into the new Wainscott digs, according to owner Tim Gaglio.

Beyond the new location (which is a Tudor-style mansion overlooking Georgica Pond) not much will change. “It’s the same restaurant,” Gaglio says. “Everyone just wants us to be in a bigger location.” The food won’t change at all? Nope. “It’s the same menu, with different specials,” he says. “Everyone wants the same thing.” OK. Consistency is a good thing.

Incidentally, this is not the first time Italians have reclaimed the restaurant space. Read this 2000 New York Times article about previous tenants, which have included Sapori di Mare and the long-running Saracen, which took the place over from a short-lived Caribbean joint.

The former Georgica restaurant/nightclub, which served up American comfort food and attitude, had been there since 2009. New vibes (and maybe a smudge stick) are welcome. Georgica had been prominently featured in the recent rape case against ex-Goldman Sachs banker Jason Lee, who had met his Irish accuser there in 2013. Lee was acquitted.

Did you get something for Mom yet?

Roses and Rice, the florist and gift shop in East Quogue, reminds everyone that Mother’s Day is this coming weekend, so make sure to buy something for your mother, dammit. (OK, we added the expletive.) The 25-year-old business, owned by Cathy Seeliger, suggests bouquets, potted plants or dainty books like “Fifty Poems About Spring.” Please do not confuse that with “Fifty Shades of Grey” — different book entirely. For more ideas, visit the Roses and Rice’s Facebook page.

Stop and smell the dandelions….

Sometime in the grand history of lawnkeeping, the herbaceous powers-that-be decided that dandelions were evil and should by systematically destroyed. Not so, says Bonac Bees, the East Hampton beekeeping company owned by Deborah Klughers. The dandelion “is one of the first spring foods for our precious bees,” Bonac Bees reminds us, in this posting on Facebook. “Let’s not kill off anything that helps the bees.” Duly noted! Makes tending to our lawn a LOT easier anyhow.

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