Daily Bee: Seafood Time. Cyril’s Closes, Clyde’s Opens. Plus, “Bloom”


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Happy Friday! “Even in the vast and mysterious reaches of the sea we are brought back to the fundamental truth that nothing lives to itself.” There we go. Let’s kick off our weekend with a little Rachel Carson, famed conservationist, and a recent snapshot (above) of Indian Wells beach in Amagansett. The Hampton Bee is not just about signature cocktails, people. We’re a respectable publication.  (Though if you’d like a Dark & Stormy, perhaps while contemplating Silent Spring, might we recommend Harbor Bistro’s Sunset Happy Hour in Springs.)

Did someone say tasty sea scallops?

Speaking of things from the sea, for those of you who like to buy your seafood locally, stop by the Hayground School Farmers Market, which opens for the season tonight, 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Among the vendors is Merken Fisheries, the family-owned company out of Hampton Bays whose fresh-caught fish is a crowd pleaser.

This microwave once belonged to Cyril…

This time, it appears Cyril’s — everybody’s favorite roadside watering hole — is really closing. (We waited a few days, in case the news changed.) For those who want a piece of the Montauk Highway institution, consider attending Cyril’s “huge” yard sale on May 28. Up for grabs: “Everything from restaurant equipment, sealed can goods, pots, microwaves, ovens, artwork, pictures tables chairs etc,” Cyril’s says on its Facebook page. “2 refridgerated [sic] containers are also available.” And thusly, Cyril’s long battle with East Hampton Town ends. Respect. May we all crost the bar with two refrigerated containers.

On tap for the weekend…

The Celadon gallery in Bridgehampton, which features the art of local potters and sculptors, is opening its new “Bloom” exhibit with a floral-inspired reception on Saturday, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m…

The Lobster Roll restaurant in Amagansett is supporting a walk to Montauk for autism awareness and asks interested parties to register at the Lunch sign (see photo) on Sunday at 1:40 p.m. The relay event is sponsored by E.J. Autism Foundation and begins in East Islip and finishes at the Montauk Lighthouse…

Zum Schneider is one of the many venues hosting the Montauk Music Festival this weekend; see the Bavarian bierhaus’ line-up here. Also, may we suggest some spanferkel with your tunes and brew. If you are over 18 and not a vegetarian, click here to see what spanferkel is. Or just order the brautwurst.

Southampton Inn’s revamped restaurant Clyde’s (formerly Cafe Oso) has its grand opening this weekend. “Think shuffleboard and mojitos!” the inn proclaims. We are interested in trying the Long Island Duck Ramen.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“You are seriously looking great today, you deserve a beer for that,” Montauk Brewing Co., posting this Instagram photo of the sign outside its Montauk tasting room. Cheers to that.

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