Daily Bee: Overheard at East Hampton Chamber Mixer. Plus, Final Tulip Report.

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Here’s the scene at last night’s East Hampton Chamber of Commerce mixer, at Cittanuova restaurant in East Hampton. Yes, that is Marina Van, the chamber’s executive director, carrying a blue bucket, hustling for raffle tickets. Please note the serious networking going on around her. These events aren’t just fun and games, people. This reporter was barely done with her club soda (which she wished were a scotch and soda) before she had met a banker, a lawyer, an inn manager and a pack of real estate agents. A number of local businesses — London Jewelers, Apple Bank, Huntting Inn — were well-represented, not to mention Nest Seekers and Douglas Elliman (the aforementioned realtors.)

Most interesting takeaway of the night: London Jewelers of East Hampton is not named after the city. Rather, Charles London started the business, originally a clock-repair service, in Glen Cove in 1923.

Still a mystery: Not sure why there are two Ts in “Huntting Inn.”

Biggest complaint: “Everything is getting too corporate, dammit.” This was heard more frequently, as more scotch was drunk.

Best tip for getting “bikini ready” this season: Read J.J. Smith’s “10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse” book.

Why Sag Harbor real estate is still so hot: None of the brokers had a good explanation, other than “it was time” and Main Street is really pretty. Could Springs be next? (Bias alert: The Hampton Bee owns property in Springs.) At least one broker says “Yes, definitely.” There we go.

The Chamber hosts a number of events throughout the year. On the calendar for October: Golf tournament at The Maidstone Club. Click here for more details.

In other news…

Our friends at the first-ever Organic Tulip Festival in Riverhead (read our profile here) have some good news and bad news….which would you like first? The good: The tulips were a smashing success and happily picked by festival attendees over Mother’s Day weekend. The bad news: There are none left! Events for this coming weekend are canceled. Keriann Koeman, the festival’s co-founder, notes that she and husband Jeroen (a real live Dutchman) will be better prepared for next season. The couple have been running the event in Virginia the last few years, which has entirely different weather. They lost about 40% of this year’s plantings as a result of the Northeast’s harsh weather conditions. Next year will be “bigger and better, with 100,000 tulips and earlier planting, amongst other precautionary additions,” Keriann says.

As they say, there’s no such thing as failure…only early attempts at success.

When did commuting get so scary?

Our hearts go out to all those injured or killed in the Amtrak derailment last night near Philadelphia. Earlier this month, in case you missed this news, an eastbound Hampton Jitney bus caught fire on its way from the city….fortunately, no passengers were harmed, though many were scared (as we would have been, that’s for sure). The Jitney released a statement saying it was cooperating with investigators as to what caused the fire. Stay safe, everyone.

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