Daily Bee: GeekHampton’s E-Waste Event. Plus, Chinese Food & Choppers.

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We KNOW you have a bunch of dead laptops and beat-up cell phones in your basement (or is that just us?) so get thee to your neighborhood geekery, and quickly too.

Our favorite tech nerds, GeekHampton in Sag Harbor, are hosting a four-day free recycling event, this Wednesday (May 13) thru Saturday (May 16), 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  They will take your dilapidated, broken and unloved electronics — think computers, monitors and printers — and destroy the data off them before giving the parts a second life, in some form or another.

Not to be a total downer so early in the morning, but e-waste is an enormous problem. You don’t want to simply toss your old gadgets in a landfill, as many electronics are laden with lead, mercury and arsenic. And you want to use a reputable recycler: E-waste is often shipped to developing nations, where poorly paid (and poorly protected) workers extract precious metals from recycled products. The United Nations reports that e-waste processing is one of the worst forms of child labor.

Moral: Don’t buy your Apple Watch or iPhone 6 until you safely recycle your old stuff. (We could go on here about excessive American consumerism, but we’ll choose not to.) Let the geeks assist you, anon. OK, back to your coffee.

In the white room, with red accents

Red Stixs, the upscale Chinese restaurant in Water Mill, will re-open…let’s see… in 3 days, 10 hours, 35 minutes and 11 seconds. (There is literally a stopwatch on its website.) That is on or about this Friday, May 15.   The place has its detractors, but since there is a deplorable lack of Asian cuisine in the Hamptons, we feel compelled to announce its second-season opening. We’ve never been, but the East Hampton Star’s Laura Donnelly recommends the Peking duck, hold the cougars.

Well, there’s always seaplanes….

Can someone wake us up and tell us when it’s over? The hotly debated helicopter kerfuffle continues this week, when “rich Hamptonites annoyed by helicopter cutbacks” will make a “desperate plea” Thursday to keep chopper restrictions from going into effect at at the East Hampton Airport, reports Page Six. Everyone from Ira Rennert to Matt Lauer, dammit, could be affected. One Hamptonite dramatically told the Post that the ban, while being kinda like ‘Apocalypse Now,’ isn’t the end of the world: “Seaplanes can still land in East Hampton.” Phew.

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