Daily Bee: Concrete Art. Montauk in Brooklyn? Plus, Fires, Fisherman and Fried Chicken

nico yektai

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Happy Friday! What the hell is that picture, you ask? Let us inform you: That is black concrete art, sculpted by Iranian artist Nico Yektai, who has a studio in Sag Harbor. His work is currently on display at Tripoli Gallery in Southampton. Stop in Saturday for an opening reception of the “Cousins” exhibit from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. — and perhaps sit on the art (if that’s allowed…we’re not sure if it is.) “Nico Yektai chooses functional objects, such as furniture, and creates modernistic sculptures that add grace and fluidity to the functionality that some maintain,” the gallery says in a press release. Well, that kinda sounds like an invitation to sit on the art. See what happens; drop us a line.

Did someone say hipster?

We’re not sure when Montauk and Williamsburg got so sympatico (but we’re pretty certain that Montauk United, which is not a soccer team, is against it). In any event, it appears you must now launch a surfboard-themed season pre-opener for your Montauk summer business in Brooklyn. We don’t get it either. But if you do, then attend Montauk Beach House’s soiree at Belle Shoals bar in Williamsburg this Saturday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Facial hair required. Montauk Brewing Co. and Poolside Collective (a Montauk pop-up store) will also be in attendance. Bring us back a Driftwood ale.

So this is what the sprinkler system is for…

Continuing the recent tradition of Hamptons businesses catching fire (just ask Rowdy Hall, J. Crew, World Pie, the Montauket, etc.), the Stop and Shop in East Hampton nearly burned to the ground on Wednesday. Or something like that. As always, people who are a lot braver than us and run into burning buildings saved the day. Also, the staff is credited with staying calm. Probably because they spend their days dealing with people who can’t figure out the self-check-out lanes. What’s a little fire, compared to that?

Quick takes…

The East Hampton Star has a new fishing columnist, David Kuperschmid. We think he is off to a good start as we found this article, on apps for fishermen, interesting even though we have no interest in fishing. If you have breaking striped bass news, drop him a line at fishreport@ehstar.com…

Kudos to Blue Duck Bakery, which has been selling puzzle-piece-shaped cookies throughout April in honor of Autism Awareness month. Blue Duck has locations in Southampton, Riverhead, Southold and Greenport. Some of the proceeds benefit the Flying Point Foundation for Autism in Water Mill….

Inn Spot on the Bay, which has managed to keep the winter interesting with its clever, rotating international cuisine menu (Germany one weekend, Turkey the next) has one last foreign destination before it resumes its regular menu. That’s right, this weekend it’s Texas cuisine. “It is its own country,” the Hampton Bays restaurant notes. The menu (see here) includes Texas toothpicks, fried chicken, Hill Country smoked brisket and Lone Star lemon puddin’.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“Perfect after a long day at the beach.” — South Edison restaurant in Montauk, posting a photo of a delicious-looking pink cocktail (we think it’s the Montauk Mojito) on Facebook. If you want one though, you’ll have to wait: South Edison re-opens for the season on May 11.

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