Daily Bee: Sea Salt, Dancing, White Rooms – What’s Not to Like About Friday?

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Happy Friday! Today, we feature sweet news from some salty folks…Amagansett Sea Salt, maker of the distinctive flakes pictured above, is donating packages of sea salt for the upcoming No Kid Hungry Heroes dinner in the city on April 27.

It’s one of those win-win situations — the 23 chefs making the meal (including Anita Lo of Annisa and Bryce Shuman of Betony) get to use a premium ingredient for free, meaning more proceeds go back to the charity, which seeks to end childhood hunger in the U.S. And of course, it’s smart for Amangansett Sea Salt to get its locally produced finishing salt into the hands of New York’s top chefs (some of whom are already clients, according to owner Steve Judelson). Amangansett Sea Salt is regularly involved in charity work; see a full list here on its website.

To see how Steve and his wife, Natalie, make their salt, check out this New York Times’ video. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot of work, and involves harvesting the ocean water of Amagansett by hand, bucket by bucket, then solar-evaporating it outdoors. We love that the Judelsons used to be attorneys, by the way.

Steve tells us that business is brisk: Production capacity has increased 20% to 40% each of the last four years, and the couple expects a similar expansion this year. Right now, “we are busy with post-winter repairs, expansion and tweaking,” he says.  “The long, hard winter damaged some of our outdoor evaporating pans that must be fixed.” Still, sounds a whole lot better than preparing legal briefs.

On your toes, people

The Hampton Ballet Theatre School, which will teach your child (age 3 and up) how to dance, is presenting its spring ballet this weekend. It’s a mixed program —  “Les Sylphides” and the “Littlest Mermaid,” starting tonight (Friday) at 7 p.m. at Guild Hall in East Hampton, and running through the weekend. See times and schedule here. Director Sara Jo Strickland opened the school in 2007 and teaches the next generation of dancers in her Bridgehampton studio.

But wait, there’s more: A show devoted to tap dancing, presented by Anita Boyer, will kick off Tuesday, April 21, at 7:30 p.m., also at Guild Hall. That’s nice, as we thought tap dancing died off sometime around World War II. But cool, we like a good comeback story. The show’s sponsors include Wainscott Main Wine and Spirits and Raquette River Baking Co.

The monkey is back…sort of

Since it’s Friday, and we’re already on an artsy theme (what with all the artisanal salt and dance) we’ll note that the creative types behind the now-closed Crazy Monkey gallery in Amagansett have resurfaced in Bridgehampton. The new space, dubbed the White Room Gallery, will feature contemporary art (naturally) and has a grand opening scheduled for May 9. Founding partners are Andrea McCafferty, who serves as director, and Sally Breen and Daniel Schoenheimer.  There’s lot of eye candy to check out already on the new gallery’s Facebook photo stream.

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