Daily Bee: Jay-Z to Buy Stake in the Hampton Bee

Jay-Z by www.adamglanzmanphotography.com, on Flickr

Jay-Z by www.adamglanzmanphotography.com, on Flickr

It’s official: Rap artist and Hamptons vistor Jay-Z has invested in The Hampton Bee. “I got 99 problems but now, thanks to the Hampton Bee, a lack of business news in the Hamptons ain’t one,” the mogul said in a statement. Jay-Z, who earlier this week launched Tidal, a streaming music service, added that he was eager to diversify his holdings by investing in an asset not correlated with the entertainment industry. (The Hampton Bee, not correlated with the entertainment industry? We object to that.) Is this for real? Of course not. Beyoncé, however, has joined our board of advisors. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Believe it or not, this actually happened…

Martha Stewart, another business mogul with ties to the Hamptons (have you seen her beautiful house on Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton?), may have more street cred than we thought. Comedy Central recently aired the infamous Justin Bieber roast, which featured this surprisingly un-cut routine by the doyenne of domesticity. Again, this is not an April Fool’s prank; this is the real thing. Among Martha’s many zings: “Let’s get to the reason I’m here tonight, which is to give Justin Bieber some tips to use when he inevitably ends up in prison.” Nailed it! Stop whatever you are doing and watch it now.

In other real news…

The Springs General Store, pictured below, which looked pretty much like this when it was constructed back in 1884, will continue to look pretty much like this — a development that we are cheering. The East Hampton Town has agreed to buy a $170,000 easement on the property, which ensures that the iconic store (and the old gas pumps in front of it) not be removed, according to the East Hampton Press. The site itself is on the market, though we hear from sources that an unnamed individual is buying it and allowing Kristi Hood to continue to operate the store. Hood, a chef, recently launched a hot lunch program for kids at Springs school — and we’re told that it’s off to a great start.


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Scallop season extended!

Much like diplomats have extended Iran nuclear talks,  the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has extended the commercial Peconic Bay scallop season until April 30. Coincidentally, both extensions have to do with ice. (Ba-dum ching!) Speaking just for the Long Island situation, this winter’s record cold temperatures caused widespread freezing and prevented commercial harvesters from gathering scallops in Peconic and Gardiners bays. The season, originally scheduled to end March 31, is extended to April 30 for 2015 only.  The DEC says scallop harvesting has been on the rise in recent years, providing new income for commercial shellfishermen during winter months.

We’ll let foreign ministers tackle the frosty situation in Iran.

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