Daily Bee: Stubbornly Seeking Spring

Waiting for summer: A biker on Gerard Drive in Springs pedals against a chilly wind.

Waiting for summer: A biker on Gerard Drive in Springs pedals against a chilly wind.

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Happy #Humpday! Behold, we bring you the chilly state of affairs at sunset last evening, complete with white caps in the distance. Good thing this cyclist brought his windbreaker. The start of summer, alas, seems a ways off. Speaking of, we’re still putting the rowdy remnants of last summer behind us. On Monday, four staffers at Ruschmeyer’s restaurant in Montauk pleaded guilty to throwing a post-apoclyptic throwdown public party without the proper permits. In case you have forgotten the aftermath of such party, here’s the Sept. 1 Instagram video seen around the world, along with the memorable eloquence of photographer James Katsipis: “What a bunch of [bleeping] barbarians.  Clean your [bleeping] s - - t a - - holes!” The staffers will also be fined $1,500 each.

UPDATE: And while we’re on the subject of rowdiness, we hear from our friends at Curbed Hamptons that Sloppy Tuna is closed, due to its own court battles. (Er, wait a minute, perhaps it’s not closed? Here’s another item from Curbed Hamptons, regarding Sloppy Tuna’s court-appointed receiver, who says the venue is NOT closed, thank you very much.) If you’ve never been, the Montauk bar has been described by Yelp reviewers as “very Jersey shore” and “an ideal place to get ‘white girl wasted.'”

Small people, big business

This just in: Children are big business. Over in Bridgehampton, a new children’s boutique called Ethel + Row has just opened on Main Street, selling “classic, minimal and unisex styles that are reminiscent of trends we see in current adult fashion.” Owner Vanessa Hamer, mom of an 8-year-old son, says her vision was inspired by a void in the Hamptons’ children’s market for kids ages 6 to 12. Meanwhile, mom Stacey Fraser of Amagansett’s Pink Chicken, a bohemian-chic line for girls and mom, has launched a boy’s line called Blue Rooster. That follows the launch of Happy by Pink Chicken, Fraser’s collection for Target stores. And over in Sag Harbor, dad Matt Mogol recently successfully raised more than $12,500 for his latest invention, the Kid Lid case cover for iPhone and iPad, which covers the start button and keeps your kids in the apps you choose.  Did we mention kids are big business? We’re considering pursuing our “Twins in a Box” idea.

Quick takes…

Are you more Montauk or Sagaponack? CurbedHamptons can assist you in finding your Hampton mojo with its “Which Hamptons Town Are You?” quiz, which asks some very pointed questions, such as whether you prefer Negroni or a glass of Macallan… Artsy types, you have exactly one more month to apply for the 2017 Artist-in-Residence program at Watermill Center. Applications will be accepted until April 29. The center provides local transportation, housing, and workspace as part of the program… Montauk Brewing Co. has cruised full speed ahead to #Summer2016, with brewery events in Montauk every Thursday and Friday, 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, noon to 7 p.m.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“Stubbornly Seeking Spring,” East End Beacon, the Long Island online publication, posting this photo to Facebook. This is perhaps not the time to mention we did see snow in the forecast for next week…

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