Daily Bee: HomeGoods in Wainscott…Maybe Close to Opening?

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Happy Friday! We thought we’d take a wander over to Wainscott, to see how the the still-under-construction HomeGoods is shaping up. The store is, err, hard to miss from the road, given that you practically have to swerve around it when cruising down the Montauk Highway (we hear Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell is none too pleased about that.) This picture is taken from the building’s parking lot… apparently the main entrance will be in the back, away from the highway, which is good for shopper safety. We don’t want anyone getting run over by a Jitney, people.

So when, exactly, will HomeGoods Wainscott be open? There are off-price sheet sets and furniture we need to buy. The date has always been vaguely “spring” (which is here, despite the forecast of snow this weekend). The grand opening date hasn’t been announced on HomeGoods’ webpage announcing grand openings. Two messages to HomeGoods weren’t immediately returned, nor was a call to architect Peter Cook’s office. A construction worker on the site, however, predicted “soon” — probably a few weeks away. That’s something, at least.

UPDATE: Peter Cook, the project’s architect, has called us back. The grand opening? Well, still hard to pinpoint. “It’s supposed to be open by this season,” he says, probably Memorial Day. OK. We’ll follow HomeGoods’ Pinterest board until then.

I’ll have a draught in Montauk – and make it German, danke

Now, Zum Schneider, the restaurant and beer garden in Montauk, knows exactly when its opening will be: April 23. (See how easy that was, HomeGoods?) Zum announced such on Facebook yesterday (smart) and also lists the date when “we will open our gates again” on its website. Bring on the beir, beach and bands…in that order. Zum will also have a pre-opening, as it were, with an Easter Egg hunt over Easter weekend, and then a celebration of May Day with spanferkel on May 2. Spanferkel? Is that legal in Montauk? (If you are over 18, and not a vegetarian, click here to see what spanferkel is…)

And I like my coffee AND my juice to be local

So, as objective journalists, we can’t properly cover Mary’s Marvelous, as some days we’re not sure how we’d exist without Mary’s eye-opening coffee and indulgent baked goods (have you tried the sourdough chocolate chip muffin?). But if we can set aside our bias for one second, we’re noting that Mary’s locations in both Amagansett and East Hampton will now be carrying Montauk Juice Factory fruit and veggie beverages….like the aptly named “Ditch,” made of celery, green apple and dandelion root extract, perfect for when you’ve “had a little too much fun last night.” Hey, no judgement here. Anyhow, our point: We like to see local businesses supporting one another. Good stuff. Now, back to our muffin.

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  1. @TheHamptonBee it’s too bad town supervisor Cantwell wasn’t more vocal during the 4-year public hearing and permitting process. Had he been, maybe the town could have revisited the no parking in front rule, and the building could’ve been set farther off the road. As it is, the building is 2500 ft.² smaller than code allows, and is fully conforming to zoning and building codes.
    I am sure when the project is finished, and we are all enjoying the benefits of a tax paying, operational business (that provides employment) on the site rather than a derelict car dealership devoid of any landscaping, it’s (legal) proximity to Montauk highway will be long forgotten. Right now it’s like judging A half-baked cake at a cooking contest.

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