Daily Bee: Loaves & Fishes Cookshop Now Plans Easter Opening

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Cookware aficionados will surely be pleased with this news…Loaves & Fishes, the Bridgehampton shop where gleaming stainless steel pots, Scandinavian stemware and natural linens make us question our decorating skills in an existential way, plans to open its new headquarters (pictured above) on Easter Weekend.

Owners Sybille and Gerrit van Kempen closed the shop’s former Main Street location in mid-February and, judging by these Facebook photos, have been working feverishly to get the new location at 2266 Montauk Highway up and running. The new Loaves & Fishes adjoins the Bridgehampton Inn, which the two also run. For history buffs, Sybille’s mom, Anna Pump, started this whole Loaves & Fishes phenomenon back in the 1980s with this seminal cookbook.

The owners originally planned to open the new Loaves & Fishes in mid-March, but snowstorms, lack of utilities and other snafus forced the delay. (That’s OK, we’re all still hibernating anyway.)

Will there be anything different that customers can expect? “Yes, we have many new and amazing collections to show, more gifts and more kitchen tools to give and wish for,” the folks at Loaves & Fishes tell us. We are so not worthy.

A recap of local openings….

Since we’ve got a bit of a theme here, we might as well recap other openings….Docker’s restaurant plans to open for the season on April 3. Winston’s restaurant now is eyeing mid- to late- April (those pesky liquor licenses!). And we think Provisions health-food store in Sag Harbor is opening Thursday, although its recent hashtag (#openingMarch26?) doesn’t make us entirely confident. Are you planning an opening, or know a business that is? Please drop us a line at thehamptonbee@gmail.com.

Art and commerce do mix

By the way, if you are opening a store or office and really need to do something about those white walls, our friends at Long Island Pulse have this tip: Offer an unsung artist or photographer the use of your walls as a gallery space. Here’s a fun story about how a diverse mix of Long Island businesses, from tattoo parlors to medical offices, are showcasing local artwork. A win-win for all involved.

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