Daily Bee: Hot Damn It’s Restaurant Week, Plus Potholes

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The above photo, taken early Monday evening, is proof that the snow in the Hamptons has not fully melted. And also (and this was the real reason why we took this photo) it’s a reminder that it is Hamptons Restaurant Week at participating restaurants like Nick & Toni’s.

The annual event, which runs through Sunday March 29, features three-course prix fixe dinners for $27.95 each night, except for Saturdays after 7 p.m., after which consumers will be raked through the coals, as per usual. Kidding, Hamptons restaurants! We’re foodies here at The Hampton Bee, so we love this concept. (And we heart Nick & Toni’s, whose celebrity seating chart has long been the fodder of New York tabloids.) Plus, Hamptons Restaurant Week has far more cachet than the more pedestrian Long Island Restaurant Week, which occurs April 26 – May 3. If we’re eating at a discount, we at least want to feel snobby while doing so.

For those who are curious, the long-time event is the brainchild of WordHampton Public Relations, the Springs agency founded by Steve Haweeli. Smart idea, WordHampton! Rumor has it that Haweeli used to be a bartender at Nick and Toni’s and a few more fine establishments, before decamping to PR. (Figures a guy who’s used to drunks would be good at dealing with journalists.)

See the list of participating restaurants, including Page in Sag Harbor, Red Bar Brasserie in Southampton and Trumpets on the Bay in Eastport, here.

Potholes…good for someone’s business, at least

So during last year’s dreadful winter, there were a few white-knuckle stretches along the Montauk Highway. Anyone recall the short strip of road between Wainscott and Bridgehampton (now mercifully paved over), where potholes the size of lunar craters claimed many a Range Rover’s tire? This year, the pothole scourge continues on Route 27, this time near the Montauk recycling center just before pulling into town. Marshall & Sons auto repair in Montauk is seeing 20-25 vehicles a week due to blowouts, reports the East Hampton Star. Road repairs can only be made mid-April through mid-November, which means auto repair shops can expect some robust business for at least the next few weeks.

And lastly, a word about us

Now, this daily dispatch of Hamptons business news really shouldn’t be about us. But hey, what’s wrong with a little shameless self-promotion? Many thanks to Curbed Hamptons for featuring us in its daily round-up yesterday. See our name in bright lights here.

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