Daily Bee: Celebrate Leap Day. Plus, Hot, Cold and Toasty Warm News


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Happy Leap Day! Here are 29 ways to seize the 29th Day. Our personal favorite: “Keep your phone in your pocket for one whole meal. Converse. Observe. Smell. Touch. Taste. You’ll survive.” Harder than it sounds, folks. This is also the last day of February, and in honor of that, we post the above photo of a February sunset taken (with, er, our phone) at Louse Point in Springs.

Great Caesar’s Ghost!

Apparently, if you are a “leap baby” and only have the opportunity to celebrate your birthday every four years, you can blame Julius Caesar (always a useful scapegoat) and curse the gods that your birthday is never available on drop-down menus online. Or you can do what Romany Kramoris does, and throw a big party with cake, Champagne and music and invite the general public to celebrate. Kramoris, owner of the eclectic, eponymous Romany Kramoris Galley on Main Street in Sag Harbor, is observing her “18th” official birthday today with aforementioned festivities between noon and 5 p.m. (details here) and — we like this — is offering 29% off everything for the next two weeks.

Food. Wine. Discuss.

The Peconic Land Trust, whose slogan is “We’re not funded by that 2% tax you pay at your real estate closing,” reports that its 3rd annual series on local food and beverages is SOLD OUT again, dammit (we added the expletive, as we once again forgot to RSVP). A number of foodie-business owners, including Nadia Ernestus of Hamptons Brine (sauerkraut!), Mirijana Ujkic of Wild Feast Foods (seafood!) and Chef Tom Schaudel of The Petulant Wino (eclectic American food!) will be speaking at the event, held at Bridge Gardens in Bridgehampton. The delicious-themed series starts with “The Cocktail Party” on Sunday March 6, followed by “The Appetizer” (March 20), “The Entree” (April 3) and “The Dessert” (April 17). The Peconic Land Trust says volunteer Geoffrey Wells will be video-documenting the series, for the sadly disorganized those who cannot attend.

Quick takes…

For those who like their yoga hot, Bridgehampton-based Hot’tauk reports that its Montauk studio will be re-opening tomorrow….for those who like their beverages cold, Southampton Publick House, as it does most Mondays, is celebrating Leap Year with Monday Night Madness, with $5 pints, $7 burger platters and 50-cent wing specials…for those who like to watch other people get cold, while staying toasty warm themselves, the Buckskill Winter Club in East Hampton will be hosting the 5th annual Katy’s Courage Fundraiser this coming Sunday, at 3 p.m. You can hang out by the fire in the club house while more intrepid types throw pucks or figure skate out on the rink, all for a good cause. Details here.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen, and all the Island Burgers you’ve eaten along the way,” Rhumba restaurant in Hampton Bays, getting rather philosopical about its popular menu item (a burger with pineapple slices) in this post on Facebook.

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