Daily Bee: Fire & Ice in Sag. Breaking Deli News! And Leonardo DiCaprio.


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Happy Friday! Believe it or not, there is something besides the Academy Awards happening this weekend. If you care to fight the chill, and are partial to Eskimo ice sculptures, then head directly to Sag Harbor, which is hosting HarborFrost on Saturday. There will be a frosty plunge (!) at Windmill Beach at 1 p.m., followed by a fire juggler at 3 p.m. (!!), followed by fireworks in the early evening (we’ve exhausted our supply of exclamation points). Details on the day-long event, which also manages to include LGBT tolerance, robotics and, last but not least, Elsa from “Frozen,” here. There is a reason why Sag Harbor’s motto is “Come early and stay late,” people.

Did someone order extra cheese?

We have all sorts of breaking deli news…Fresco Pizza Deli is now open for business at 623 Hampton Road in Southampton, selling pizza, char-broiled burgers and smoothies. It is “the best pizza and deli this side of the Mississippi,” according to store rep Drew Schwab….Meanwhile, Sean King, owner of Sean’s Place, the sandwich shop in Southampton, has taken over Jobs Lane Deli near Agawam Park. Before opening his own store in 2006, King managed Catena’s Market and Tate’s Bake Shop before that….And Golden Pear, maker of classic Hamptons sandwiches (i.e. they cost a small fortune but are delicious) reports that its first “Poetry at the Pear” night last Thursday was a “wonderful, heartfelt, and inspiring evening.” The next event is in May. Bring your best sonnet, haiku or limerick.

Speaking of Leonardo di Caprio…

Well, we weren’t really…but we were thinking of him. Good luck on Sunday, Leo! And in related news, the Hamptons International Film Festival is now accepting submissions for its annual fall event. “Filmmakers, it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” the organizers say in this call for entries. “HIFF can’t wait to see your narrative features, documentaries, shorts of all kinds, and student films.” The HIFF further reminds people that it is a big deal: “The Festival has also screened 6 of the last 7 eventual Best Picture Oscar winners, while no other Festival on the East Coast has done so more than 3 times in that time period.” Take that, Tribeca Film Festival.

The HIFF also boasts that its audience does a good job of picking films that go on to receive Oscar nominations. This past film fest was no exception: Audience award winner “Room” is one of the Best Picture nominees on Sunday.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“Cardio is better than therapy.” — Fitness buff Sander Vanacker, posting this picture quote to Facebook. Read our profile of Vanacker here.

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