Daily Bee: It’s Almost #WineWednesday. Chill With a Buddhist Nun. And Brisket!

IMG_3395Happy Tuesday! You know what’s good about Tuesday, aside from being the most productive day of the week? It’s one day away from Wednesday, which we now officially refer to as #WineWednesday, thanks to Wainscott Main Wine & Spirits. The shop has been hosting $10 wine workshops each Wednesday, at which throngs of lushes oenophiles have learned about terroir in a glass (not as scary as it sounds) and popular varietals like Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. Burgundy has been demystified; Bordeaux has been cleared up, thank you.

The #WineWednesday workshops are the brainchild of Chimene Macnaughton, general manager of Wainscott Main, who’s been on a roll after a successful season of on-demand wine delivery. (For more on that, read our article, “Meet Me At The Jitney Stop. And Bring The Rosé.“) For those interested in a wine education — and who isn’t, for pete’s sake — there are two events left: tomorrow’s “Napa Valley” exploring the rise of cult Cabernet Sauvignons, and next Wednesday’s (Dec 9) “Shop it Like a SOMM” with Michael Cohen, wine director at the 1770 House. Both start at 5:30 p.m. RSVP at wainscottmain@gmail.com or call 631.537.2800.  And don’t forget the hashtag: It’s #WineWednesday. Kinda like #TacoTuesday, except different.

And now, let’s meditate

But wait: Apparently there are other ways to deal with holiday stress than drinking cult Cabs (news to us).  The Vajravarahi Buddhist Meditation Center can help you clear your head AND increase your inner peace, especially when Cyber Monday has driven you to distraction. On Wednesday evenings (tomorrow and Dec. 9, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m), the center will be hosting holiday workshops in Riverhead with Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Norden. Learn to be the “calm in the storm” and other harmonious stuff for just $15, which sounds like a helluva deal. Details here. The hashtag is NOT #WineWednesday, we repeat, the hashtag is not #WineWednesday.

And speaking of chilling out…

So normally, the Hampton Bee does not like to draw attention to itself (oh who are we kidding) but our friends at One Healthy Hamptons have featured Bee founder Colleen DeBaise and her tips for holiday fitness. Spoiler alert: It involves a gigantic double stroller. Click here for more.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“There’s always room for brisket.” — Townline BBQ, as it posted this photo to Facebook, which has now deleted any memory of a recent delicious turkey roulade from our mind.

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