Daily Bee: We’ve Got Geeks, Lemonade, Painkillers…and Auto-Repair Shops.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! On this, the busiest travel day of the year, we like to give a little shout-out to auto-repair shops, because…well…with all the juice wars and fireplace dining going on in the Hamptons, we often forget to include auto-repair shops in our coverage. So here’s to you, Springs Auto, for testing headlights and changing oil and air filters with each inspection. And cheers to you, Marshall & Sons in Montauk, for cleverly selling gift certificates (stocking stuffer, anyone?) for auto services. And kudos to you, Joe’s Garage, voted No. 1 in Southampton by Yelp reviewers for being “super awesome” and “not making stuff up like so many other mechanics do.” Keep up the good work. And safe travels, all.

I’d like an Apple Watch, please

Speaking of stocking stuffers, GeekHampton in Sag Harbor reports that it is now able to offer the Apple Watch to customers this holiday season. Why is this a big deal? Not just anyone can sell the Apple Watch, people. One must be designated an “Apple Premier Partner” store — which GeekHampton just was, apparently after jumping through a lot of hoops. “GeekHampton is one of only three Apple Specialist stores in the whole of the northeast to receive the distinction,” owners Sheryl Heller and Mike Avery say in a press release. See, geeks know how to CRUSH IT. You know what you don’t want to crush? Your new Apple Watch, because then you’d be out at least $350. Stop into GeekHampton to view the standard and sport models.

Lemonade, revisited

Sweet’tauk, the Montauk-based maker of all-natural lemon-infused drinks (or as we used to call it, lemonade) is kicking it up a notch. Owner Deborah Aiza is attempting to raise angel funding on the CircleUp platform, which connects entrepreneurs to professional investors. Sweet’tauk drinks are made from all-natural ingredients like Meyer lemons, hibiscus and strawberries. “We grew slowly to get to this moment and we are now ready to expand,” says Aiza, who initially sold her Sweet’tauk at farmers markets before opening her own S. Etna Avenue shop and self-distributing. She plans to use any funds raised to expand production, distribution and sales. Her lemonade, by the way, is fresh-squeezed and cold-pressed, with half the sugar of other drinks. “Lemonade is something everyone understands but it hadn’t changed in 40 years,” she says. “We updated it for today’s natural products consumer, their kids and their families.”

Social Media Quote of the Day

“First one to fall in buys the painkillers!” — Sail Montauk, which apparently is enjoying itself in the British Virgin Islands (ah, the off-season!). It also explains on Facebook that a Painkiller is BVI’s infamous cocktail. Recipe here. We now volunteer to fall in.

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