Daily Bee: Honeybee Madness. Mercury in Retrograde. Plus, Art Deco Forever

bee hive

A dead bee hive, recently spotted in Springs.

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Happy Friday! Welcome to another dispatch of what we like to call the Somewhat Daily Bee. It’s off-season in the Hamptons, people. We can’t be publishing every day. Like any halfway decent Hamptons eatery or boutique, we’re saving ourselves for summer. (That said, if you’re a Hamptons business owner with news to report, please, dear god, send us an email.)

Beekeepers of the World, Unite!

So, this is how you get things done. Bonac Bees, which provides professional beekeeping services, on Tuesday asked its Facebook followers if they’d be interested in attending an “intro to beekeeping” class. By Wednesday, Bonac Bees not only had interested parties (apparently, beekeeping is hot!) but it had secured the services of a master beekeeper, Pete Bizzoso, to teach the course. Deb Klughers, who runs Bonac Bees, reports that the class will be held on Saturday, Feb. 6, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at a location in East Hampton to be determined, but possibly the American Legion Hall or Springs Presbyterian Church. There will be a $20 fee per student, plus “Pete loves bagels.” (Again, this is how you get things done.) As for material to be covered, “it may bee-come a whole day of buzzin’ bee information,” she says. Honey, we are suckers for bee puns. If interested, send $20 pronto to P.O. Box 2779, East Hampton, N.Y., 11937.

Cosmic Chaos Declared

So, other news organizations may be reporting important developments like North Korea sorta maybe developing an H-bomb, or Chinese stocks plunging, or even geeks geeking out at CES in Las Vegas. The Hampton Bee, however, will focus its reporting energy on this breaking news: Mercury is in retrograde. RUN do not walk to your basement, where you should hide until Jan. 25, preferably without any sort of device upon which you can communicate. This is because communication apparently goes haywire when Mercury is in retrograde. If you do not believe us, read this story from the ever-credible Huffington Post: Mercury Retrograde – 7 Tips to Avoid Frustration and Disaster in the New Year. Over the next few weeks, do not sign documents, or execute contracts or make firm commitments of any kind — come Jan. 25, you may be very, very sorry you did. Also, your car might break down, your ex may re-appear and your Facebook updates may be totally full of typos. It is a crazy time. Phew. That took our minds off Kim Jong-un and his bizarre photoshoots.

It’s Friday, Friday

On a lighter note, it’s the weekend! Two words: Nancy Atlas. She is playing the Bay Street Theatre on Saturday; details here. If you’ve got the munchies, first stop by La Fondita, the Mexican eatery in Amagansett that is surprisingly still open, despite January weather (in fact, the restaurant boasts that its “sopa de tortilla” is perfect this time of year). Or if you typically spend your weekend real-estate shopping, then consider asking Saunders & Associates for a look-see at the iconic Sag Harbor movie theater on Main Street. The 1930s building designed by architect John Eberson is on sale for $14 million. Good news: The theater’s classic neon Art Deco sign will stay, as it’s been designated “to be forever memorialized,” according to Saunders.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“This is why we need to eat sauerkraut!” — Hamptons Brine, which is probably fermenting cabbage as we speak, as it posted this article about ridiculously high levels of probiotics in home-brewed sauerkraut.

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