Daily Bee: Bubbling Chili. Grilled Gouda. Plus, Surf Lodge Seeks Summer Concert Ideas

Photo credit: FiveRings at English Wikipedia

Photo credit: FiveRings at English Wikipedia

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Happy Friday! Not gonna lie: We’re suckers for spicy foods, so it is impossible to report the following with any sort of journalistic objectivity. The Great Bonac Chili Cook-off is this Sunday at the American Legion in Amagansett, and we can’t figure out why anyone on earth would not attend such. We’ll be there, wearing our “Proud to Be a Local-Yocal” t-shirt. Which we might also take out of the closet and wear, more ironically, for the Whalebone mixer in the city on Tuesday. But we digress. The chili-fest, which raises money for college scholarships and area churches, attracts amateur and professional chefs. Last year’s event featured entries (or is it entrées?) from Smokin’ Wolf, Michael’s Restaurant and Indian Wells Tavern, among others. Get your ladle on and stop by Sunday, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

In non-chili news…

Rowdy Hall, everybody’s favorite almost-burned-to-the-ground bar in East Hampton, has added a few new items to its winter menu, including a sandwich made from short rib and grilled gouda cheese. Cholesterol be damned. La Fondita, the Mexican joint on the Montauk Highway, has added a “platillo de calabacita” — a dish made with zuccini, corn and queso fresco. Here’s a picture. And Inn Spot on the Bay, which last weekend probably didn’t get as much business as it should have for its Turkish Delight night, is this week featuring Russian cuisine. (A Siberia theme seemed appropriate, given the temperatures.) On the menu: Volga cakes, beef stroganoff and of course, caviar. Also, Inn Spot’s Chef Colette Connor wants your vote for her chocolate fettucini (no joke!) in the New York Restaurant Show’s Rapid Fire Challenge.

In non-food news…

We actually do cover things not related to food. We’re a business publication, people. Surf Lodge, everybody’s favorite Montauk hot spot to hate on, is seeking ideas for its summer concert series. It is still basking in the rainbows-and-sunshine glory of the Flaming Lips, which apparently turned in an epic performance last June. The enemy is boredom, man. Also, Surf Lodge is seeking mural ideas for the 2016 season. Snicker. Lastly, we were kidding that everybody likes to hate on Surf Lodge. It’s really Sloppy Tuna.

In more non-food news…

Harbor Books in Sag Harbor is putting together its Summer Author Events and wants to know who you want to hear. (Full disclosure: the Hampton Bee’s twins have cast their vote for Mo Willems of “Knuffle Bunny” fame.) The Carpetman in Southampton, citing a Wall Street Journal article, reports that fringe is back in fashion. God help us all. Lastly, Hamptons Handpoured, the scented candle company, is seeking summer interns, preferably ones that smell like the villages of Quogue and Sagaponack. The Manorville-scented interns need not apply.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“Melting snow mess. Good for dogs, bad for your floors!” — Hamptons Bays Pet Supply, as it posted a photo of this muddy beast to Facebook.

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