Daily Bee: Cold Day, Hot Noodles. Plus, Fallon, Picasso & Burgers


Photo credit: Momi Hamptons

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Happy Thursday! On this frigid day, with temps dipping into the 20s, we suggest a cure for the wintertime blues: A hot bowl of noodles. (We’re not paid to say that; we just like Asian cuisine.) Lo and behold, it’s local night at Momi Hamptons, the ramen place in East Hampton known for its earthy pork broth. Also, who’s to argue with 2-for-1 Sapporo drafts?  Not us. Nor the New York Times, which declared Momi “excellent” — minus the fried squid legs, which were “a letdown” — in this review in September. Excuse us for a sec while we dream about the curry beef rib ramen.

Beer pong had nothing to do with it

It’s official: Jimmy Fallon is just kinda klutzy. To get you up to speed, the “Tonight Show” host (and Sagaponack weekend resident) nearly chopped off his finger in June, then broke his tooth in August and then gashed his hand when he tripped and fell on glass in October. Sure, that probably sounds like you after a night at the Shagwong…but let’s be clear: Fallon does not have a drinking problem, people. At least that’s what NBC exec Robert Greenblatt told reporters yesterday. Whatevs. Fallon’s probably a happy drunk anyway.

We’ll take the lump-sum payout

Forget Powerball hysteria. How about Picasso hysteria? Apparently, both Larry Gagosian — the high-powered art dealer with a home on Further Lane in East Hampton — and the royal family of Qatar say they own this 1931 sculpture “Bust of a Woman.” Awkward. Gagosian says he paid $106 million for it last year and has already sold the plaster piece to a collector, who expects it real soon. But the Qataris say they bought it first — and clearly have better negotiating skills, as they only paid $42 million in 2014. Hmm. What to do. Get lawyers involved, maybe? Check. Both parties have filed legal documents. The sculpture, by the way, is currently part of the MOMA “Picasso Sculpture” show.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“Montauk isn’t just a seasonal destination. It’s also a place where burgers exist.” — Burger Weekly, as it posted this delicious photo of Navy Beach’s meaty patty to Instagram.

For a publication devoted to burgers, Burger Weekly also supplied some surprisingly sharp commentary about Montauk’s “changing tourist culture that increasingly values selfish debauchery over kindness, manners and a second thought for homeowners there.”

We’re sure Burger Weekly has a position on the controversial Montauk sand dune project, too, but we’d like to eat some fries first.

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