The Hampton Bee is a digital publication that covers the business community of Long Island’s East End. Many people (fairly) associate the Hamptons with wealth, glamour and celebrities. But it is the independent small businesses — boutiques, restaurants, galleries, designers, health & wellness studios, and more — that truly give this beautiful area so much character.

The Bee aims to celebrate local entrepreneurs, and provide useful news and tips for consumers who support small businesses in the Hamptons.

In addition, the Bee has begun an educational pilot program, with the goal of matching students with local businesses to assist those businesses in their social media efforts.

While the tone is light and accessible, the Bee is independent and adheres to journalistic standards.


Who’s Behind the Bee?

I’m Colleen DeBaise, a journalist who moved to the East End in 2014 after 16 years in Manhattan. As the former small business editor of the Wall Street Journal, I was struck by the Hamptons’ thriving entrepreneurial scene.

I’ve written about small business for Inc., Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, and the New York Times. I currently host this podcast series for The Story Exchange. I’m also the author of this book.

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