When You Want to Look Like THIS for Summer, Now.

OK, there’s limited time left until Memorial Day (summer’s unofficial start), which also means we’re running out of time to get “bikini-ready,” as they say, for the 2015 season. Now, if only we could find a Belgian-born, Kettlebell fan, who teaches fitness workshops in the vines at Wolffer vineyards?

OH wait – here’s one now…Sander Vanacker, pictured above, is a relative newcomer to the Hamptons fitness scene, having moved here from Boulder, Colo., last year. (For the record, this is also the first time we’ve featured partial nudity on the Hampton Bee.) Vanacker claims to have once been a “chubby teenager,” though we’re thinking something must be loss in translation there. He has at times spent 80 hours a week working out — cycling, doing cardio or using TRX suspension training equipment — which explains why he’s a helluva lot buffer than us.

That said, Vanacker wants to share his secrets, through one-on-one sessions at his new private studio in Bridgehampton, or through the aforementioned one-hour classes at Wolffer, which are scheduled to begin next Saturday, May 23, at 8:30 a.m.  And he promises the average person, while being challenged, will enjoy the high-intensity bootcamps. “I like to focus on being creative,” he says. “I like to use the games and the drills to get your mind off of things”– like, how you’re about to pass out from exhaustion. But really, he says, working out shouldn’t be something one dreads. “For 99% of people, working out is a stress reliever,” he says. “I like to get people moving and having fun.”

Cool, we’re on board with that. By the way, Vanacker brings some serious business experience with him: In Boulder, he owned a 3,000-square-foot martial arts and fitness studio with several hundred clients. He decided to move to the Hamptons to be closer to his wife’s family, who has a home here.  (The couple are expecting their first child in June.) These days, “I am ready to work more privately with clients instead of the pressure of operating a large facility,” he says.

If interested in a Vanacker-style workout, check out the Muscles from Brussels’ website here. He charges $125 a session for private training, and offers packages for couples training and for multiple sessions. At Wolffer, where Vanacker is a consultant, Saturday bootcamps are open to the general public and cost $25 each; details and reservations here.

One last thing, to make you feel like a real fitness (or small business) underachiever: Vanacker, a former competitive cyclist, has also started the Hamptons Cycling Club. He charges a $299 annual membership, and leads weekly group bike rides as well as weekly challenges. The fee includes a custom team jersey and shorts, so you can at least look like a participant in the Tour de France.

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