Tuesday’s Bee: It’s Time for Sand Castles. Dopo La Spiaggia Comes East. And Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry


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Happy Tuesday! As you should already know, Tuesday is the most statistically productive day of the week. Please use it wisely. For instance, today would be an excellent day to build a sand castle, pictured above, as it’s a LOT of work to get all those turrets and moats correct. It’s a shame that the 25th Annual East Hampton Sand Castle Contest, which takes place this coming Saturday on Atlantic Avenue beach in Amangasett, is NOT on a Tuesday. Ah well. Give it your best shot. Or shovel, as the case may be. Details here.

We do love a good pesto…

Dopo La Spiaggia, the hot Sag Harbor eatery formerly known as Tutto Il Giorno, is coming to East Hampton, reports the New York Post. If you like your penne al dente and molto caro, this is your restaurant. (Roughly translated, molto caro means “fantastically overpriced for pasta” — although our Italian might be rusty.) This doesn’t appear to be good news for Race Lane Restaurant, as the Post reports that Dopo La Spiaggia will be moving into its location at 31 Race Lane come fall…

I’ve been meaning to pawn my ex’s Breitling watch

Here’s good news, if you’ve been hanging on to dubious “ex-boyfriend jewelry,” i.e. those large diamonds your former flame gave you. Rose Jewelers in Southampton is hosting two days of gently used jewelry buying, meaning you now have every reason in the world to cash in on your ex (or, failing that, a now deceased relative’s hideous taste). Rose will look at the goods on Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., or Thursday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will also be counselors on hand (not really).

Coming up…

Montauk Playhouse is hosting its annual gala on Saturday…

Hamptons Internationl Fim Festival presents its 8th Annual Summer Docs, hosted by the ubiquitous (nothing wrong with that) Alec Baldwin, also on Saturday, at a private residence in East Hampton. Details here..

Mark your calendars: Blue Duck Bakery in Southampton is hosting Ken McGorry, author of paranormal thriller “Ghost Hampton” (somebody had to write that, people) for a reading on Aug. 14.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“The peak of the Summer really has our juices flowing!” Open-Minded Organics, announcing on Facebook via pun (which we deeply appreciate) that it is now selling juices at its newly opened farm stand on Butter Lane in Bridgehampton. We sense kale may be involved.

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