Daily Bee: Wolffer Kitchen Not Open Yet. Plus, Horses & Farmers.

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Happy Wednesday! It was still raining yesterday, so we thought we’d wander over to Sag Harbor and see how the new Wolffer Kitchen, scheduled to open in June in the old Cuddy space at 29 Main Street, is coming along. Unless plywood is the motif, apparently there is a ways to go. (We checked with Wolffer’s PR team: No opening date yet.)

Wolffer manages to do most things right (have you tried the rosé, people?) so we’re not too worried about how this one will turn out. The official description: “Wolffer Kitchen is a casual neighborhood eatery with a distinct local, seasonal food ethic, serving locally made artisanal wines, beers and spirits as well as favorites from around the world.” Cool. We heard “local” at least twice there. We’re down with that.

The restaurant, which more specifically will serve American cuisine with a Mediterranean influence, is co-owned by siblings Marc and Joey Wölffer. The latter sibling is having a busy summer: Not only did she just open Joey Wolffer boutique right up the street, but she’s also expecting a baby in July. She oversaw the design of Wolffer Kitchen, working with Sagaponack-based Martin Architects.

One last thing: We like that Wolffer Kitchen will have a female chef, Deena Chafetz, who grew up on Long Island. (The overwhelming majority of chefs in top restaurants are male; see this New York Times’ series on female chefs that we wrote.) So, nice progress, Wolffer, on that front. Clap, clap, clap.

Just in time for the Belmont….

Amaryllis Farm, the horse sanctuary in Bridgehampton, is running a 7-session program called “What’s So Great About a Horse?” where one can learn about “the world’s most noble being” — our cat might object to that —  including much you never realized about the furry creature we call the horse. Each session is $50 and taught at the farm. (And sorry about the Triple Crown reference in our subhead; we know thoroughbred racing with all its abuses is NOT a happy topic for equine advocates.) Interested? Email christine@amaryllisfarm.com.

Want to be a farmer?

Now here’s good news, for those who want to live off the land: The Peconic Land Trust has announced that it will distribute $1 million to fund the “Farmers for the Future”  Agriculture Capital Equipment Program. As the name suggests, the program is designed to help aspiring (or established) farmers access capital so they can buy farm equipment or build a greenhouse or do other till-the-soil stuff. Apparently, Long Island — which its high costs for both farmland and production — is one of the most expensive places to farm in the country. One can apply for a grant of up to $25,000 by filling out this form. Or contact Luke McKay or Thomas Hobson at 631-283-3195 or email to AgGrant@PeconicLandTrust.org.

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