Daily Bee: Summer Loving. Dosa at Tiina. Plus, Hampton Bays Shenanigans

Photo credit: Obligato East Hampton

Photo credit: Obligato East Hampton

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Happy Tuesday! You know what they say….it’s beach time, somewhere. And right now, it’s beach time in the Hamptons. Here’s a recent shot (above) of Indian Wells beach in Amagansett, courtesy of Obligato, the women’s boutique in East Hampton. We note that Obligato also sells this shirt — “Cute But Psycho But Cute” — which we really should wear the next time we’re stuck in summer traffic. The *one* downside of summer in the Hamptons. (That and lines at Citarella, but we digress.)

And could we have the mango chutney, please?

Tiina, the Amagansett boutique that never met a Greek sandal it didn’t like, had us highly confused by a status update on Facebook, announcing it would be featuring “dosa.” Which in our minds, at least, is a delicious Indian pancake, similar to a French crepe. Could Tiina and Hampton Chutney Co. have formed some sort of unique — and potentially outfit-staining — joint venture? Turns out the “dosa” in question is a line of clothing called Dosa, which makes things like this $275 long white ruffled skirt. Ah well. For the record, we do like the thought of a Tiina/Hampton Chutney partnership…however unlikely it may be.

This just in, from the happiest place on Earth

Boardy Barn, the Hampton Bays phenomenon that could make you curse the day the yellow-smiley-face-sticker was invented, especially when its drunk patrons are covered with them on the LIRR (see video), is reminding Facebook fans that it is ONLY open on Sundays — none of this special Fourth of July crap. “Come celebrate with us on Sunday, July 3rd,” the bar says. “Then celebrate with family and friends on July 4th.” Wait a minute. Did Boardy Barn just get all family values on us? Anyhow. The Hampton Bays boozefest continues through Labor Day. But only on Sundays, people, not holiday Mondays. Thank god.

You’ve been Mai-Tai’d

Well, here’s a fine fettle of fish. Apparently, Rumba Rum Bar of Hampton Bays is suing newcomer Karamba Restaurant, claiming its intoxicatingly long happy hours are confusingly similar to its own. (Or something along those lines.) The actual claim is trademark infringement, and Rumba — if we can read between the lines here — is PO’d that Karamba has a kinda sorta similar name, look and menu as Rumba, which opened in 2009, according to 27East.com. Lawyers got involved, and now Rumba wants Karamba to stop confusing customers, dammit, plus a lot of damages. Karamba doubtlessly feels quite differently about the matter. We look forward to the movie, The Caper on Canoe Place

Quick takes

Pink Chicken, the children’s boutique is now carrying recycled coffee bag totes from Uganda made by Fournier, an African maker of sustainable accessories and hand-knit toys…

Springs architect Darren Helgesen, who practically has a side business taking photos of Hamptons sunsets on Instagram, caught this nature photo of an egret catching an eel

Balsam Farms, the CSA on a bucolic stretch of land in Amagansett, is hiring. Candidates must love dogs, pumpkins and Carissa’s Breads. (Well, we made that up, but it’s a good rule of thumb, if you want to work at Balsam.) Contact details here.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“Just in case you didn’t get enough of the cuteness,” Goodale Farms, the family-owned farm in Riverhead that is a fixture at Hamptons farmers markets, sharing adorable photos like this one of baby livestock. Aw. We like happy cows.

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