Daily Bee: Supersize My Catamaran. Plus, Physique 57 Pop-Up & Shelter Island 10K


Happy #HumpDay! So what is that above photo? Any guesses? It comes from Capt. David Ryan, the captain of the Mon Tiki catamaran in Montauk, who is building an even bigger boat (which we reported on here) to fit 100 passengers at a time. Naturally, you probably figured out that this is one of his new boat’s massive crossbeams — or akas, in official sailing terminology — which is 30-feet long (!). There are six of them, and they’ll connect the two 63-foot hulls to each other, providing 1,500-square-feet of deck space. Conclusion: The new boat would not fit in our driveway, although the entire contents of our house would easily fit on the deck.

Gaia Corfu 0502

The Mon Tiki Largo will look a bit like this.

The good captain says the U.S. Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Center in Washington, D.C., has officially approved the gargantuan boat’s design, which for sailing buffs is a James Wharram Pahi 63. Ryan hopes to have the new boat, already named the Mon Tiki Largo (with largo being the Spanish for long), ready for sailing adventures next season. “We’re super excited,” he says. Now that the Coast Guard has signed off, “the fun begins — we can go full-steam ahead with building.”

Ryan plans to make the boat available for parties, dinners (there’ll be a kitchen) and weddings. As he told us a few months ago, he’s not afraid of “failing on my face. If it fails, it will be just another failure. If it works, it will be a success.” At least there aren’t any icebergs in Montauk harbor.

A body-sculpting pop-up

We’ve been reporting on so many fitness providers (the new AKT gym and Tracy Anderson studio in East Hampton, Sander Vanacker and all those involved in the ongoing Hamptons Wellness Week) that you’d think we’d be inspired to work out. Nope, not yet. But if you are…here’s some good news: Physique 57, the city gym known for its use of the barre to sculpt abs, will be hosting a pop-up at the newly refurbished Montauk Beach House in Montauk. On Saturday mornings in July, you can have “fun in the sun” (that’s according to the gym) while doing a full-body workout using your own body weight and a ball as resistance. One wonders: At what point will mimosas be served? Regardless, if you are buffer than us, look into the Saturday classes, which are at 9:30 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. (sign up here).  Or go for a real barre workout at Physique 57’s Bridgehampton studio, which is launching two new programs, Physique F.I.T. and Namastique.

Cross the finish line and head to…

Since we’re on a fitness/booze theme here, we did want to report that the popular Shelter Island 10k is this weekend, at the very respectable hour of 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. (Most summer races start at the crack of dawn, but not, thank fortune, this one.) The race is a boon to Shelter Island’s economy, with numerous businesses getting a burst of new customers, at least for the weekend. We recommend, once you cross the finishing line, checking out any of the local hotspots, including the Chequit Inn, Ram’s Head Inn or Vine Street Cafe. Full disclosure: We once ended the 10k by going directly to the bar at Sunset Beach, where beautiful people go, in racing gear and wearing a finisher’s medal. It did not make the pages of Hamptons magazine.

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