Daily Bee: A New Pink Chicken. The ‘Summer in a Bottle’ Candle. Plus, Snails!


Children’s boutique Pink Chicken will take over half the former Mandala Yoga space in Amagansett Square.

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Happy Tuesday! We write this dispatch as the sun momentarily breaks through the clouds. Summer, we’re more than ready for you. It’s May 3, dammit. We want blooming lilacs and warbling chickadees, for pete’s sake. Speaking of, if you do hear a chirp or a peep, and are unsure which avian species is making the sound, consult our new favorite website: The Cornell Lab of Orinthology’s All About Birds, which contains short audio clips, like that of the warbling chickadee.  Or the song sparrow. Or the humble blue jay. (Warning: The site is addictive.)

Now what does the Pink Chicken say?

There have been so many comings-and-goings at Amangansett Square, pictured above, that the place nearly deserve its own publication…the Amagansett Square Bee, anyone? Pink Chicken, the children’s boutique owned by part-time Amagansett resident Stacey Fraser, is taking over half the space formerly occupied by Mandala Yoga (which itself moved into the old Bass Shoe Outlet). “We’re excited to finally have our own space,” says Fraser, who had been squeezing some of her merchandise into Rube, the boutique next door, for the past two years. Before that, she was on Main Street. The latest Pink Chicken — she also has locations in New York, Los Angeles and Charleston — will feature a new girls’ swimwear collection as well as Fraser’s Blue Rooster line for boys. It is scheduled to open May 26. A new apothecary will open up in the other half of the old Mandala Yoga.

But does it smell like rosé?

Well now. If there’s anything we like more than Wolffer’s rosé, it’s handpoured soy candles. If only we could have both. Wait a minute, we can: Hamptons Handpoured, the candle company that never met a village or a hamlet or an unincorporated area of the East End it didn’t like, has partnered with everybody’s favorite Sagaponack winery. And behold: The Summer in a Bottle candle. Which — we have to admit — is pretty damn cool. Here is a picture. It apparently also smells like rosé, green apple and peach. Swoon. If you invite us over to dinner, we’ll probably bring this as a hostess gift. Just saying. It’s available at Wolffer’s gift shop (in the main building) and also at the wine stand.

In other Wolffer’s news, Joey Wölffer will re-open her seasonal shop at 25 Madison Street in Sag Harbor, this year under the moniker The Styleliner (also the name of her boutique on wheels). Meanwhile, she’ll open a second seasonal Styleliner store in Nantucket. Town and Country calls her fringe-filled boutique “gypsy chic,” which we thought wasn’t PC but whatevs.

Quick takes…

The Montauk Project will be playing the Montauk Music Fest throughout the weekend of May 20, at venues that include the Shagwong and the Montauket. Here is the psychedelic rock band’s schedule, conveniently written on a woman’s a**…

The North Fork’s first snail farm, Peconic Escargot, is up and running, according to Newsday. (The photo accompanying the article may not look delicious, but just imagine the subject matter sautéeed in butter and garlic). The snail farm is participating in the Peconic Land Trust’s Farms for the Future initiative…

The Bridgehampton Half-Marathon is this Saturday at 9 a.m., which means you have little time to train if you’re not already in peak shape. (In which case, we suggest pouring a mimosa into a Thermos and cheering on the real athletes.) The race was started by Diane Weinberger, Amanda Moszkowski and Matt Linick, who also brought us the Hamptons Marathon and Half.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“A little ‪‎lobster‬ ‪‎humor‬ to get you ready for LobsterRoll‬’s opening day‬ on ‪Friday‬.” — Lobster Roll restaurant on Facebook, posting this amusing cartoon of two lobsters playing paper, rock, scissors.

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