Daily Bee: We’ve Got Lemonade, Bagels and Bees

Happy Hump Day! Don’t know about you… but we’d rather be surfing, with giant bottles of lemonade floating over our heads. Our photo today comes from the folks at Sweet’tauk, the Montauk-based maker of all-natural lemon-infused drinks (yum!) that just secured a distribution deal with Gourmet Guru to grow the brand in the Northeast. “Happy news…NYC here we come!” the folks at Sweet’tauk announced on Facebook.

The business was started a few years back by Deborah Aiza, who concocts the juices using organic ingredients like Meyer lemons, hibiscus and strawberries. “Sweet’tauk came out of my living in Montauk,” she says. “The beach and lemonade just go together.” She began selling the beverages at farmers market, then opened her current Sweet’Tauk shop at 34 S. Etna Ave. and started self-distributing to speciality markets throughout the Hamptons.

The organic growth, so to speak, has paid off. “We really needed a strong partner like Gourmet Guru to help us” expand regionally, Aiza says.  Gourmet Guru, also family-owned, has been distributing organic and natural foods throughout the Northeast since 1996 (in fact, it was the first distributor of Greek yogurt in the U.S….and look at how well that turned out). Jeff Lichtenstein, Gourmet Guru’s CEO, says he likes that “Sweet’tauk’s HPP lemonade has half the sugar of other lemonades and even less than many cleanse drinks. It’s a healthy game-changer.”

One last thing we have learned: The smaller Sweet’tauk beverages come in 8-oz bottles called “Groms,” which is surfer slang for a young skilled surfer/ skateboarder. You can take the lemonade out of Ditch Plains, but you can’t take the Ditch Plains out of the lemonade.

The everything bagels are unharmed…

Somehow, we are late on this news…which is more upsetting to us as bagel lovers than as journalists. Last Thursday, at peak pre-Passover shopping times, a car slammed into Goldberg’s Famous Bagels at Pantigo Place in East Hampton. The everything bagels are unharmed — we repeat — the everything bagels are unharmed. Fortunately, and we love this detail, there were paramedics noshing inside the store, so they immediately responded. The East Hampton Star has a great pic of the vehicle here. (We are happy to hear that the elderly driver and passenger had only minor injuries.) Also unharmed was Paul Wayne, a partner at the store, who was slicing nova at the time. Lastly, the store seems to have escaped with minor injuries itself — just a few cracks in the exterior masonry. Nothing that can’t be filled in with a little cream cheese….

Bees! Bees! Bees!

Not gonna lie: We’re partial to news about bees at The Hampton Bee. We take colony collapse disorder very seriously. So what to do if you discover bees in your building? You freak out, of course, then you call a bee rescuer. That’s exactly what the East Hampton Star did recently (well, the latter part, anyway) when it discovered a hive with 10,000 bees in the attic of its offices on Main Street in East Hampton. Deborah Klughers, the town trustee who also runs Bonac Bees, was called in to perform the delicate rescue operation (and only managed to get stung once). Watch the full video here. And kudos, East Hampton Star, for not calling an exterminator!

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