Daily Bee: Clam Bar Opens. Montauk is Hot. And Learn to Tweet, Please


Happy Easter Monday! Is there a greater harbinger of spring than ye olde yellow umbrella? The Clam Bar in Napeague reports that is has opened for the season, at least on weekends (Friday- Saturday- Sunday), and will likely open seven days a week, come April 27. We strategically waited to post this until after lunch today, lest thoughts of The Clam Bar’s famous lobster rolls distract us from our important work. No less an authority than the Wall Street Journal has noted (on at least two occasions, here and here) that The Clam Bar’s humble-yet-luxurious rolls set the standard for the classic dish. We do not disagree.

The Clam Bar, of course, competes with Lunch, the iconic seafood shanty down the road (proper name: The Lobster Roll), which also serves delicious chunks of lobster on a hot dog bun, plus it has a roof and philandering waitresses. Oh wait. That’s not real life…we’re confusing things with “The Affair,” the popular Showtime show, whose Alison Lockhart (portrayed by Ruth Wilson) waits tables at the restaurant. In any event, Lunch opens for the season on May 1.

Speaking of shows set in Montauk…

Yet another new television drama will take place on the East End’s farthest beaches, apparently the hottest thing since hordes of hipsters invaded Williamsburg. Netflix has announced that it will roll out the aptly named “Montauk” starting in 2016. Interesting: The supernatural drama, about a young boy who vanishes into thin air, is set in the 1980s. We are curious how the producers will make present-day Montauk look like the ’80s. We suggest bringing back the old Ronjo.

Learn social media, dammit

The folks at Go Hamptons Media, a digital agency in Southampton, cordially invite you to a free breakfast series called “Demystifying Social Media.” Creative designer Ty Wenzel, a former editor at Cosmo, will teach you the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter. The seminar is Wednesday April 22, 8 a.m. – 9:30 a.m., at the 230 Elm even space in Southampton. Register here: http://gohamptons.com/breakfast-series/

Incidentally, we encourage all Hamptons businesses to become active in social media, which we mine for the news and announcements featured here on The Hampton Bee. Got something you want featured in the media? Tweet it, Facebook it — or just drop us a line at thehamptonbee@gmail.com.


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