Daily Bee: Jimmy Fallon Digs Vinyl. Plus, Gurney’s Locals. And No More Plastic Bags

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Over the weekend, Innersleeve Records, a vintage vinyl shop in Amagansett, hosted Record Store Day. It’s sort of a national day of appreciation for the “je ne sais quoi” of indie record stores. Not that it’s a big mystery: Whatever the era, whatever the time, if you stop into a record store, there will always be a young guy with facial hair wearing a black t-shirt and smelling vaguely of cigarette smoke there. Always. Mark our words. (We remember this from the ’80s, for pete’s sake.) Go to a vinyl shop and see for yourself.

But we digress: If you stopped into Innersleeve Records on Saturday, you may have seen surprise visitor Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show! Fallon, who has a place in Sagaponack, was shopping (apparently, he loves vinyl) and took time to talk with WEHM Radio, which was broadcasting live from the store. “The interview was spontaneous and unplanned,” says owner Craig Wright. “He talked with Anthony [Cafaro] from WEHM about his purchases, his fondness for vinyl and the Tonight Show.”

Aw, we already liked Jimmy Fallon. Now we really like him for supporting his local small biz. By the way, Fallon seems to have eclectic taste when it comes to music —- he exhorted his Twitter followers to buy a turntable and get to a vinyl store by tweeting a photo of the albums (we’re guessing) that he was eyeing: U2 and Willie Nelson.

It pays to be a local…

Well, we’re still not sure what constituents “local” — do you have to be born here? What if you moved here from (gasp!) the city? See CurbedHampton’s poll on the matter — but the good folks at Gurney’s want to celebrate locals nonetheless. On “Local Wednesdays,” the oceanside spa offers area residents a 15% discount off of all salon services at its Seawater Spa. Get thee, local-yocal, to Gurney’s for a mani-pedi, dammit.

No more plastic bags

Businesses in the town of Southampton are preparing for a new, eco-friendly reality when the plastic bag ban goes into effect this Wednesday (April 22), which of course is Earth Day. Town of East Hampton is waiting till after the summer season (of course) for its plastic bag ban to become law. Some small businesses are not pleased. “It’s a pain in the a** is what it is,” Arthur Seekamp, owner of Brent’s General Store in Amagansett, told the East Hampton Press.

We try not to take sides at The Hampton Bee, but we’re on the side of the environment here, though we do sympathize with business owners for whom this is an additional expense. Our unsolicited advice? Consumers (especially those young ones with disposable income) want to support socially conscious businesses. Just switch to paper and market the hell out of your good deed to your customers.

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Correction: This post was updated to correct WEHM host Anthony’s last name. It is Cafaro, not Famiglietti.

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