Daily Bee: Tax Day Cometh, as Does Harbor Bistro’s 10th Anniversary. Plus, Who’s a Local?

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To dull the pain of Tax Day, at least for those of you not getting refunds, we offer you a soothing photo of a sunset at Harbor Bistro. The Springs restaurant, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, will gladly serve you some relief from 1099 hell at its season opener tomorrow night (Thursday). We’re not sure what sounds better…a Mango-Rita or a Cucumber Fizz? Though we hate to turn down a Dark & Stormy — and well, that does sound a lot like this past tax season.

Harbor Bistro, by the way, is owned by Patrick and Ann Glennon, East Hampton natives who also run year-round Harbor Grill down the road. (If you want the better view, definitely go to Harbor Bistro, which is perched on Three Mile Harbor.) A dinner suggestion, while drowning away your tax troubles: The Yellowtail Tuna Poke, with avocado, tomatoes, macadamia nuts and ginger-soy. Yum! Nothing like ginger-soy to make us forget how much we owe the feds.

Speaking of natives…

Now, our friends at Curbed Hamptons have posed this rather existential question: Who counts as a local in the Hamptons? The issue was brought up by readers/commenters after Curbed ran a story about an abandoned hotel in Ditch Plains, the surfer neighborhood in Montauk. Sean McPherson of the Crow’s Nest (dubbed a “hip Hamptons hotelier” by Hamptons magazine) has bought the property with the intent to renovate — and basically, the Ditch Plains Association has said, “Whoa, slow down there, fella” as it believes zoning is residential. Readers, by the way, are irritated at everyone — McPherson, DPA, anyone from the city — with one uttering these classic fighting words: “Shut up [and] move to Riverhead.” If you have strong thoughts about what makes one a local, take the Curbed Hamptons survey.

Hail thee, Number Crunchers

This being Tax Day, we thought we’d give a shout-out to accountants, because nobody ever gives a shout-out to accountants. We give props to Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank of the East End for its remarkably dreamy marketing…in a recent ad in the East Hampton Press, featuring a photo of the beach, it notes that its business clients are like the Long Island coastline — “remarkably diverse, extremely dynamic and constantly changing” — and cruising ahead “in spite of the turbulent wind, waves and tide of the economy.”  We hope they play ocean sounds in their waiting rooms.

Wait, my taxes STILL aren’t done…

If you’re panicking that your taxes are nowhere near finished (and you’re reading the Daily Bee as the ultimate form of procrastination), we do offer some wise advice from Barbara Weltman, our favorite small-business tax expert, about 5 Things to Know About Filing Tax Extensions. Bottom line: It’s easy to request an extension. But that doesn’t get you off the hook for payment, as you still need to send in an estimated amount for what you owe. But at least now you can relax, sip on a Dark & Stormy, and finish your taxes.

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