Daily Bee: Good Tidings at Topping Rose. Pét-Nat News. More Buckwheat!

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Happy Tuesday! OK, so the holiday season is not just about hoverboards, iPad Minis or “Star Wars” Death Star tea infusers. (The latter is actually a real thing; check it out here, complete with the hand of Darth Vader making a spot of Earl Grey.) But we digress. We were making the point that the holiday season is not just about hot gifts, people. Topping Rose House, the lovely country inn in Bridgehampton, pictured above, is hosting a charity dinner this Saturday to END CHILDHOOD HUNGER, which is a good cause indeed. Guest chef Seth Bixby Daugherty of Minneapolis, named one of America’s top chefs by “Food & Wine,” has been making it his personal mission to ensure that kids eat real food, every day. Tickets ($125 each) are available and benefit the No Kid Hungry, Share Our Strength campaign. “We are the richest country in the world and the fact that any child should ever go hungry is embarrassing,” Daugherty says in this Q &A. Fun factoid: Daugherty got his start at age 12, buttering toast in a local restaurant. There’s hope yet for our culinary dreams.

Topping Rose expects about 60 guests to enjoy Saturday’s four-course dinner. The event also benefits Bridgehampton Child Care and Recreational Center. Contact events manager Anna Moss at amoss@toppingrosehouse.com if interested. Much better that you spend your money on a good cause than this.

I’ll drink to that

Why how lovely! Channing Daughters, the 28-acre winery in Bridgehampton, says on Facebook that it is “super excited” to release two new sparkling wines this holiday season. And since we’re suckers for bubbly news, we must further report that the wines are “pétillant naturel”– which Bon Appetit called “Champagne’s cool kid sister” and very on trend. (If you are really cool, refer to this artisanal wine style as “pét-nat” in casual conversation, then simply walk away.) Channing is selling its first ever Sylvanus Pét-Nat — whoa, total mind blow — and also its second vintage of Bianco Pét-Nat, which roughly translates into “white pét-nat.” Both are available in limited quantities from the Channing wine shop. Also, did we mention that pét-nat is a lot cheaper than Champagne? Sold!

Really, it’s gluten-free

Our friends at BuckWHAT report that they have the perfect holiday gift: All of their best sellers (bars, noshes and granola) in one healthy $29.95 box.  BuckWHAT, you may recall from our profile here, is the Brooklyn startup that sells its products at the Springs farmers market. And buckwheat, as we’ve been trying to remind people, is not wheat. In fact, it is a gluten-free superfood that is low in calorie and high in fiber and protein. Who knew! (Answer: Leeann Rybakov and Edward Kartashevsky, the brother-sister duo behind BuckWHAT, who are originally from Ukraine, where buckwheat is more popular.) Try it out. Let us know how it goes.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“It’s not a holiday party without a little booze,” Montauk Rumrunners, the family-owned distillery  that makes artisanal rum, gin and whiskey, in this Facebook post. (We couldn’t agree more, especially office holiday parties, which should be liquid events all together.) The boozy business recently got a mention in Dan’s Papers’ Shop ‘Til You Drop column.

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