Daily Bee: Unhappy Tenants at Amagansett Square. Plus, Jamaican Beer


Firesales: Bass Shoe Outlet, left, and Miankoma, right, have lost their leases.

*Sigh. We dislike reporting bad news, but the bloom is off the rose in genteel Amagansett Square. Two tenants of the hydrangea-ridden complex, Miankoma and Bass Shoe Outlet, are leaving — and not happily. “It sucks,” says Lorraine Otto, owner of women’s clothing boutique Miankoma, who has rented for 16 years. “It’s my livelihood; this is not a hobby. We are being forced out.” Otto claims the square’s management is pursuing a new “upscale” direction and plans to replace her shop — which one might describe as elegant but affordable — with an artisanal cheese shop. Staff at Bass Shoe Outlet similarly say landlords want a more posh “East Hampton” vibe to family-friendly Amagansett Square. (Apparently, big discounts on penny loafers are a bit pedestrian.) A message to the square, which is owned by ex-Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner, wasn’t immediately returned.

Otto, who is shuttering her shop in mid-January, hopes to find a new location, perhaps in Sag Harbor. “I’m looking but nothing is available,” she says. Meanwhile, Bass is closing down at the end of December (and rumor has it that Mandala Yoga, currently located next door, has been eyeing the space). In the meanwhile, Miankoma and Bass are hosting going-out-of-business sales.

Yeah mon. No problem.

In happier news, the Jamaican-owned Winston’s Bar and Grill restaurant in East Hampton is showing some nationalistic pride by hosting Red Stripe Thursdays, where one can enjoy an authentic Caribbean draft and a plate of wings for $10, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. After 7 p.m., you can pretend to stop liking Red Stripe (sort of like the Budweiser of the sea) and choose another beverage. Kidding, Jamaica. We’re suckers for those kitschy brown bottles, just like everyone else. Winston’s is owned by chef Winston Lyons, who opened the restaurant in May. Read the New York Times review here.

Shop first, drop later

And just in time for the holidays, there is a pop-up shopping event (is there any other kind these days?) called Shop ’til You Drop this Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Parrish Memorial Hall in Southampton. There will be all sorts of local vendors selling things like candles, body lotions and even artisan foods. The hall is located on the grounds of the Southampton Hospital…so if you do drop, at least you’ll probably receive prompt medical assistance.

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  1. God forbid one be able to buy a shirt for less than $50 east of Bridgehampton Commons.

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