Daily Bee: Happy 2016! Breaking Dessert News. And Top 5 Most-Read.

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Happy 2016! The above photo was taken while strolling along Gerard Drive in Springs, in a futile attempt to walk off all those Christmas cookies. We say futile because 1.) We don’t look any different. And 2.) We are still eating Christmas cookies.

Retail therapy

Ka-ching! We’ve spoken to Hamptons business owners who report WAY better sales than past holiday seasons (in fact, one East Hampton high-end boutique manager told us over 300% better than last year), which just about everyone is attributing to sunny skies and balmy conditions. Our friends at the East Hampton Star note that some Christmas shoppers were even wearing shorts as temps rose into the 60s. We are seeing upbeat updates on Facebook: Hamptons Handpoured, the candle company, declares that 2015 was an “exciting and satisfying” year. Hamptons Brine, maker of probiotic-laden sauerkraut, wishes everyone a “very happy, very healthy, super-successful New Year.” And Sen, the Japanese restaurant in Sag Harbor, offers this optimistic hashtag for the year ahead: “#sushifilled2016.” Indeed.

In breaking dessert news…

Townline BBQ, which one might guess from its name specializes in BBQ, is turning its attention to desserts. The Sagaponack establishment reports that its pastry chef (who knew!) is making whoopie pies that look like giant, fluffy Oreos. Meanwhile, Almond Restaurant in Bridgehampton is trying to tempt us with its goat-yogurt panna cotta with strawberries, micro basil and granola (which sounds remarkably healthy for something that looks like this.) The eatery, by the way, is looking to hire line cooks who have “a deep respect for ingredients, technique, our customers and your fellow employees.” And Brooklyn-based Baked, which makes the Chequit Inn’s pastries, offers this suggestion if you have any leftover holiday cupcakes: The Cupcake Shake. Thankfully, we do not have leftover holiday cupcakes.

How to stick to that resolution

It’s that time of year when everyone resolves to do something better than they did last year (like, “Eat less desserts.”) If you need help adhering to your 2016 resolution, there’s plenty of advice out there. Inc. magazine offers this article, “5 Secrets to Creating a New Year’s Resolution That Will Actually Stick,” such as freezing your credit card in a block of ice. As we head into the New Year, Fast Company offers “10 Habits to Adopt Now to be Better at Your Job in 2016,” including “finally get enough sleep” at the top of the list. Word. And if you are really struggling, Business Insider claims these 14 apps, from Wunderlist to Sunrise, will help keep you on track. Instagram is not one of them.

We know what you’re reading

Creepy! Not really. It’s called Google Analytics. The Hampton Bee’s Top 5 Most-Read Stories of 2015:

  1. Unhappy Tenants At Amagansett Square. Plus, Jamaican Beer, Nov. 18
  2. This Is What Happens When You Eat. Real. Food, April 16
  3. Author Ted Scofield’s Top 20 in the Hamptons, June 22
  4. Spreading the (Gluten-Free!) Buckwheat Love in Springs, June 4
  5. Our Field Trip to Bonac Buy and Sell, March 30

Social Media Quote of the Day

“2016 Resolution: Sail more.” — Sail Montauk, as it posted this pretty (and retro!) photo to Facebook.

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