Daily Bee: Pre-Blizzard Turkish Meal. Fido-Friendly Inns. Cork N’ Jug is Open


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Happy Friday! OK, let’s go over your checklist for potentially crippling Winter Storm Jonas, due to unleash its fury on the Hamptons sometime Saturday. Shovel? Check. Ice Melt? Check. How about appetite for Turkish cuisine, satiated?

If that last item hasn’t been fulfilled, consider stopping by Inn Spot on the Bay, pictured above, at least on Friday evening (before flakes start falling). The Hampton Bays restaurant, owned by wife-and-wife team of Colette Connor and Pamela Wolfert, devotes each winter weekend to a different international cuisine. Last weekend, it was Italy. This blizzard weekend, it’s Turkey. Warm up with Meze (spiced lamb and apricots) before moving on to Circassian Chicken (with roasted garlic fig) and finishing with Lokoom (rose-flavored Turkish Delight). The full $38 prix fixe menu is here.

Connor and Wolfert, both chefs, have been doing international weekends for close to 10 years. “We get really bored making the same thing all the time,” the Irish-born Connor says. “We came up with a concept that would tickle our palates and get us to do something fun in the kitchen” — and maybe prompt some ideas for their summer menu. Next weekend (if you survive the blizzard) is Russia.

And bring your little dog, too

Yes, we know the economy is freaking out, Chinese markets are tumbling and a barrel of oil now costs about the same as a hot dog. However, we’re fascinated by this Reuters story: High-end hotels are now rolling out the red carpet for Fido. That’s right…luxury hotels are not just tolerating pets, they’re courting pet owners. Hmm. Could that possibly be happening in the Hamptons? Yup. The Maidstone in East Hampton, which charges north of $1,000 a night (in high season) for some rooms, welcomes “well-behaved and well-groomed” pets with “yappy hour” and a Woof Menu, tailored to dogs of any size and dietary preference. Mill House Inn in East Hampton offers homemade dog food. Southampton Inn, Montauk’s Solé East and Shelter Island House also welcome furry patrons like so many selfie-taking supermodels. In related news, Yogi Bob, the Yorkshire terrier missing from East Hampton, is apparently still alive (but still missing).

Did someone mention a blockbuster blizzard?

We here at the Hampton Bee have enlisted the aid of an upstate photographer to be our on-the-spot storm reporter. So check back for updates. Do NOT forget to stock up on red wine before snow falls. Or even after. “Don’t worry your favorite liquor store is open NO MATTER WHAT this weekend, snow doesn’t stop us!” Cork N’ Jug Wine & Liquors in Hampton Bays assures its Facebook followers. “Our hours MAY be delayed a tad bit but we will always be open!” Priorities, people, priorities. East End Beacon, which is sort of like a more intellectual version of the Hampton Bee, will be keeping its readers up-to-date with storm cancellations, so alert editor Beth Young if you’ve got one.

Social Media Quote of the Day

“Who needs gloves when you’ve got a warm cup of Golden Pear Coffee in your hand!” — Golden Pear, as it tweeted this photo on Facebook. We suggest the dude in the Canada Goose parka would be even warmer if he wore socks.

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