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Ted Scofield is the author of the novel “Eat What You Kill,” published by St. Martin’s Press, available at BookHampton, Barnes & Noble and and optioned by the producer of “Wall Street,” “American Psycho” and other feature films.  Scofield and his wife, Christi, a contemporary artist, live in New York City.


Editor’s Note: Today’s post is written by a guest contributor to the Hampton Bee. 

Before I even began writing “Eat What You Kill,” I knew I would set part of it in the Hamptons, my summer retreat and winter writing sanctuary.  I chose locations and places that not only fit the narrative but also are special to me, for one reason or another.  Many Hamptons sites are mentioned in the book, but here are my Top 20, all of which you’ll find in “Eat What You Kill.”


Ted Scofield on ferry to Shelter Island.

1. Sunset Beach

A short ferry ride from Sag Harbor deposits you on Shelter Island, and if you follow the beautiful people you will no doubt arrive at Sunset Beach, one of my all-time favorite Hamptons experiences.  When you book your sunset dinner reservation, which you should do NOW, ask for a table upstairs.

2. Wölffer Estate Vineyard

In the summer Christi & I like to drive out on Thursday afternoon, to avoid the insane Friday traffic.  Wölffer’s “Twilight Thursdays,” featuring wine tastings, cheese plates and live music, is the perfect way to start the weekend.

3. The Surf Lodge

Montauk was a sleepy little fishing village until the Surf Lodge opened, if you listen to its critics.  Ignore the controversy and enjoy the Lodge’s beautiful waterfront location and, yes, rowdy summer concerts.

4. Nick & Toni’s

Unless you’re Jimmy Fallon or Jennifer Lopez, it’s probably too late to score a weekend table at Nick & Toni’s, an East Hampton institution.  But don’t despair; there’s always next summer.

"The Classic" by Solid & Striped.

“The Classic” by Solid & Striped.

5. Scoop

You’ll need a Hamptons wardrobe if you want to do it right.  East Hampton’s Scoop should be #1 on your list.  We love the Solid & Striped swim trunks.

6. Navy Beach

With postcard-perfect sunsets and a casual chic Montauk vibe, drinks and dinner at Navy Beach make for a perfect summer evening.  Look for us at an outdoor table, with our toes in the sand.

7. SoulCycle

With all the eating and drinking, it’s tough to stay lean out east. Thankfully, SoulCycle now has three Hamptons “studios” to keep you in swimsuit shape.  “Hey, do I see Gwyneth over there??”

Produce at the Citarella in Bridgehampton.

Produce at the Citarella in Bridgehampton.

8. Citarella

Upon arrival in Bridgehampton, we stop at Citarella to stock up on food and drink for the weekend.  Don’t worry about the inevitable sticker shock – you’re in the Hamptons!

9. Muse in the Harbor

Park at the south end of Sag Harbor and wander up Main Street to Muse in the Harbor.  Enjoy the delicious comfort food.  Don’t forget to comment on the fish.

10. Bridgehampton Village

Founded in 1640, the quaint hamlet of Bridgehampton is my favorite village, just a few blocks long but loaded with charm.  I wrote several chapters of Eat What You Kill at the Golden Pear Café’s Bridgehampton location.

11. Pierre’s

Where can you get a decadent Croque Madame and, to balance it out, a pineapple kale smoothie?  At Pierre’s in Bridgehampton.

CVR_DannyPollera.indd12. Dan’s Papers

Dan’s Papers, a free weekly newspaper, is the must-read for all visitors to the Hamptons.  Dan’s writing is as charming as it is prolific, and perusing it quickly puts me in the Hamptons mood.

13. Rowdy Hall

Hidden down an alley of sorts in the very heart of East Hampton, Rowdy Hall is one of my all-time favorites. Do not miss the moules frites.

14. Babette’s

How can you satisfy that one vegan dude in your share house this summer?  Take him to Babette’s in East Hampton.  He’ll appreciate all of the vegetarian options; you can order the cinnamon swirl French toast, with extra gluten, please.

FullSizeRender (6)

About as close as you can get to Maidstone, if you’re not a member.

15. Maidstone Club

There’s simply no bluer blood than that flowing through East Hampton’s Maidstone Club.  No, you can’t get in, but you can get a glimpse of how the 0.1% lives.

16. Bridgehampton Polo Club

Located at Two Trees Farm, which is for sale for only $20 million, your car load of friends can spend a day with the polo ponies for only $30. The matches at Bridgehampton Polo Club run every Saturday from late July until the end of August.

17. Hampton Jitney

For thousands of New Yorkers every weekend, the journey to the Hamptons begins on a fancy bus, the Hampton Jitney. Christi and I typically drive out east, but when I go alone to write, I’ll often take the Jitney.

18. Super Saturday

Super Saturday satisfies salivating seekers of sample sales.  It also benefits a good cause, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. This year’s event is July 25, hosted by Kelly Ripa and Donna Karan.

The Palm in East Hampton.

The Palm in East Hampton.

19. The Palm

Looking for a more “adult” crowd?  Located inside a picturesque 300 year old country inn, The Palm has been serving superior turf and surf since 1980.

20. Hamptons Tanning

You want that seductive bronzed glow, but you don’t want skin cancer?  You’re in luck, and Hamptons Tanning will even come to you for that perfect sunless tan.

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  1. Ted – Your book was great, and your Hamptons list is terrific as well. Enjoy the rest of the Summer.

    Your friend and law school classmate,
    Brian Cummings

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